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My friend Moira Lake is running some weekends in Devon soon on plant spirits. My first encounter with her was at a workshop she was running last year, and  I was struck by the passion with which she spoke about the plant world and the spirit world, like she is really connected to something there. She's also been an astrologer forever. Here's what she says about her workshops:

Even in these maddest of times - perhaps especially in these times - I believe it's possible for us to create a world in which all life is honoured and loved. But we can't succeed in this if we treat it as something which humans have to do alone. It can be hard to move beyond this human-centred mindset, because collectively we've forgotten how to stand together with the other-than-human beings of Earth. But these beings are not merely our victims. They have wisdom and power, and even now, they are willing to accept us as their allies. In each of these three workshops, we will include and go beyond personal healing and learning. We will work with plant spirits, as well as the elements, spirits of place, and other beings of the natural world, to remember something new: how to create together the world we long for.

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These workshops have been designed to work well as stand-alone events, or to be attended as a series of three. Each will be held in a different beautiful place, we will be working with the very different plants that grow there, as well as other spirits of that place, and new material will be included on each occasion. If you come to all three, your experience will be different each time, and your relationship to the work will deepen as we go on. At the same time, I will make sure that each workshop is self-contained, and accessible to participants without previous experience.
In order to keep costs down, the workshops will be non-residential. There will be plenty of local accommodation options including B&Bs, hotels, Air B&Bs and camping opportunities. Dates, times and fees are on the flyer. Each workshop takes place on Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday. To reserve a place, a deposit of £50 is needed per workshop, the remainder to be paid one month beforehand, please. 

To book a place or for further information, please email, or ring 01803 863185.
You can also pay via Paypal on my website,

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