Tuesday, October 12, 2021


This is the point I am leading up to: if there are things in ourself we don't want to get close to, our relationships with pupils will tend to reinforce that.

I don't always recognise it when people are seeing me as someone they can learn from. It's not just English modesty - a much over-rated, and sometimes hypocritical, virtue - but also an unwillingness just to stand up straight and say to myself this is who you are, you've been round this block enough times: if you haven't got something to say, then who has?

It's not just to do with having been around the block. It's also something I came here with, that has always been natural to me, and yes I've had to stand back for years at certain points to round it out and clear some s%$t out the way, but it would be false of me not to own that. So my first point is if you've got it, own it, it is not a virtue to deny it. You will see it in people's responses to you.

Coming out of that is my second point. People will love you and they will give some of their own power to you. This is a natural thing: most of us are not fully living our own connection to Spirit - the East of the Medicine Wheel. They may raise you up beyond where you are yourself. Never mind. Projection is usually a necessary thing, to some extent. First we see it out there, or we imagine we do, and then we claim it for ourselves. The pedestal is something we have to learn to handle, and to honour it, for we are holding something precious for the other person till they are ready to embody it themselves. It's a delicate thing. Often people's way to their own power is the painful one of betrayal by the teacher. But it doesn't have to be like that, not if the teacher has been around the block enough times and learnt from that.

And what I'm referring to is the teacher's shadow work. The places we are needy, or concealed from ourselves. It has perhaps been the place I have learnt most from myself: giving others my East, then having that betrayed. It is a valid path, albeit rather protracted and painful. To some extent, it is inevitable, for no teacher is perfect, we are all human.

There is this gross level, where the teacher really should be back in his or her cave for a decade, sorting their stuff. The teacher who needs everyone to think like they do, and if they don't, tells the pupils they are 'confused'. The one who creates a love-fest centred around them at the end of the workshop, because they need to be loved. The one who has their issues with authority, and draws the pupils into their own conspiracy views of how the world works. You can often tell when there is something funny going on, because the people around the teacher will tend to reflect the imbalance or woundedness of the teacher.

Then there is the more subtle level, which is where I really wanted to get to. The people who come to your workshops aren't going to challenge you in an intimate kind of way. Challenge is the wrong word. It's softer than that. It's more like they won't relate to you like a good friend will. It's an energetic thing as much as anything. They won't move in on you personally, they will hold you at a respectful distance. By and large. You are the teacher. I'm not quite sure how to put this. I know. They are not going to come near the stuff in yourself you want to keep a distance from, whereas a friend may do, if you're lucky. Or a family member, that's what they're for :)

The astrologer Liz Greene talks in her Mythic Tarot book about the psychotherapist as someone who can protect their own woundedness by creating relationships in which they always have the power. I think this is really what I am getting at. When you have pupils, there is usually a relationship based around you carrying the East, and initiating them into it. That is a powerful thing, and it creates a powerful relationship. But it also hides you from the things in yourself that you aren't very comfortable with, or are unconscious of. There is an unspoken agreement not to go there. And this is what we need to watch out for, even if we have done a considerable amount of our own shadow work.

Put it this way: if there are things in ourself we don't want to get close to, our relationship with pupils will tend to reinforce that. So we also need people we don't have that kind of relationship with.

Friday, October 08, 2021


Most of the blogs I write at the moment are at my Shamanic Blog. They get emailed out (unlike this one) if you subscribe, and you can find me at http://shamanicfreestate.blogspot.com/. Here is one I wrote last night, having had the idea just before in the bath:

If there is any way that you are not being true to who you are in your life, do not overlook it for the sake of not causing trouble for yourself or others. It matters, and it will eventually bite you, hard (if you are fortunate.) It cannot be smoothed over or wished away. You may get seriously ill if you try to skirt around it. It is where the cutting edge of your soul lies. It can take courage, it can take those close to you thinking you have lost it. It can take a lot of trust in the bigger design of things, and that you are being taken care of.

Does the universe have an edge? - BBC Science Focus Magazine 
It is not just ourselves we need to be true to, more accurately it is the whole universe we need to be true to, because that is what we really are - the whole universe. It is about being true to the Great Spirit that runs through everything. That is what we are here to do

Thursday, August 12, 2021


I don't know if Boris Johnson will be gone or not in a couple of years. Certainly he will have Pluto square Moon, Neptune square Sun and his second Saturn Return to contend with, all at the same time. These are not continuations of other major transits, they are a big new phase for him, so as I wrote a few months back, it will probably be the end of him as PM. If not, I think he will be settling in, post-Covid and post-Brexit, to an innings of quite a different nature that will last the rest of the decade, at which point Neptune will square his MC and dissolve his premiership.

You can never quite tell. If he goes, it may well be because the way he operates is just too chaotic for his colleagues to stomach. Chaotic is one word for it, open and creative is another. That is why he could get Brexit done when diligent Theresa May couldn't. I think BJ works intuitively: he can see something can be done, and leaves the detail to others. Diligent, conscientious people are notoriously judging of open, creative people. Think accountants vs bohemians. That is why Gove and Cummings, two of his closest colleagues, have at different times declared Johnson unfit for office. In a sense they are right, but they are also missing something, and that is part of what makes him electable. He is not a robot.

Johnson has 7 planets in mutable signs: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Mutable signs do not have their own motivation. They work best when there is pressure from outside, as we have seen with Johnson. His Saturn-Uranus opposition is good for crises (creating a container/Saturn for disruption/Uranus). His level of mutability, and particularly, maybe, Saturn in Pisces, describe the chaos that seems to envelop him. But also his openness to new solutions. Don't expect him to have thought-out policies. He works responsively, and there is a lot to be said for that.

Johnson has a Sun-Moon-Saturn Grand Trine. This is why he is an optimist who thinks everything will work out. This is something I appreciate about the guy, especially in a Capricornian country such as ours, where we think it is only right not to think well of ourselves. His Grand Trine is compromised by being in 2 elements - Air and Water - when the point of Grand Trines is that they are all in the same element. But I think it gives him the ability to articulate (Sun-Venus in Air) emotion (Moon and Saturn in Water), which is why he has hitherto been so electable - as MP, as Mayor of London, and as PM.

I think we can rely on him, as an optimist, not to create austerity as a response to our record debt levels. This is what the Tories did last time (2010) and they got panned for it, which I think is unfair, because it is a responsible approach to debt. Spending your way out of debt, which the Americans did, worked, but it is not the obvious thing to do. Taurean Rishi Sunak will, of course, argue for austerity, because that is what Chancellors do. So expect tension.

It may be that he gets bored of being PM. That would be one outcome for his second Saturn Return (in Pisces). It may turn to ashes for him, not providing the meaning (his 9th House emphasis) that he thought it would, his childhood dream to be 'king of the world'. His Pluto-Moon and Neptune-Sun transits will reveal this, and others will sense the loss of fire and political killer instinct. Johnson is a natural writer (Sun and Mercury in 9th Gemini) and this is what he may turn to.

Johnson's Moon in fixed Scorpio (ruling his MC) tells a different story to his Grand Trine and his unusual mutability. It describes the enduring drive for power behind the bonhomie, which you need to have if you are a politician. You need ambition if you are to do well in any walk of life, and I think we need to allow that to politicians, like we would with other professions. The problem is the degree to which it can take over. In Johnson's case, he may lose his fire, but will nevertheless want to hang on (Moon in Scorp) and may need to be ousted.

His Moon in Scorpio also describes his desire for personal and family privacy. But because it rules his MC, his personal matters do tend to become public. There is one mishap after another, mostly as a result of his chaotic nature, whether it is his personal finances or being indiscreet in his utterances (but really, there shouldn't be leaks, and people shouldn't leave government, like Cummings did, and then attack his erstwhile employers. It is dishonourable, something the Victorians would have understood.)

Personally, I don't mind the chaos that is around Johnson. It is not my problem. It is a problem for those who work with him. He is a good front man. He is libertarian, he is bold, he is a good communicator, and he is reasonably centrist. He polarises people, and maybe that is a Gemini thing. Think Blair, with Mars Rising in Gemini. I have seen well-known astrologers refer to the present administration as a bad lot, as though that is a fact rather than a value judgement. That reflects the degree of polarisation we have politically at the moment. Astrologers need to be beyond that.

If you want to do political astrology - if you want to have intelligent things to say politically - we need to step out of the crass habit of assuming the worst of the politicians you don't vote for. It gives a comfortable liberal tribal identity, but there is no understanding in it. Personally, I am willing to live with people thinking I am naive for not assuming the worst, for assuming that there is something that politicians of all persuasions are trying to do, that isn't just about power. I think it means I can, to a degree, do political astrology. Whereas those still in the matrix cannot: they tend to misuse astrology to confirm their political prejudices.

Sunday, July 25, 2021


If you have Saturn near the top of your chart, visible to the world, then there is a good chance that you will be ambitious, in the sense of there being some sort of mark you will need to make on the world, that helps define who you are. We are here to incarnate, to bring spirit into matter, and Saturn is the planet that forces us, sometimes painfully, to do just that. So it is not just an ego thing: by putting your mark on the world, you are giving birth to yourself. As I wrote the above, someone with Saturn in the 10th House asked me for a reading. So I'm probably onto something :)

But Saturn can also be limited. He can have his ears closed to the outer planets, indeed he may try to boss them around, and that is always messy. Saturn is also the Protestant Work Ethic, that tells us to define our worth by how much we work and how much we have visibly achieved. So if you have a prominent Saturn, and you have a drive to be self-aware, then I think there is often a process of disentangling to be done after you have made your initial mark. You may have a painful period where the old is no longer working so well, so how do you define yourself now? 
One way of looking at this is that our true nature is formless, while anything we put out into the world by definition has form, has Saturn, so it cannot fully express who we are. And who we are is, hopefully, going through a deepening process all the time. This is why poets pay such attention to the words they use. Giving exact expression to the inner world is difficult, and always an approximation. 
And then there is the good old ego. It comes out one way or the other, whatever our chart. In the case of a prominent Saturn, you can ask yourself how you feel in those interim periods where you have no projects, and the world is not noticing you? How brittle are you if someone critiques whatever it is you use to define yourself? How threatened are you by your rivals? We can learn a lot about ourselves from these places, precisely because they are uncomfortable.
Then there is Saturn in the bottom half of the chart. I am being schematic here, because it is never this simple. But simplicity can be illustrative. I have Saturn hidden away in the 4th. I'd say that it is not in my nature to keep myself very busy, to do lots as a way of defining myself. I do less, but what I do comes after a lot of cooking and tends to work well, and there is not too much of 'me' in the way of it. Saturn has, to a large extent, become the guardian of my inner life instead of, as he started out, the denier of its value. This has been the big Saturn battle for me. 
It is a difficult and elusive placement, because Saturn is naturally much happier with outer, visible things that can be measured. How do you measure inner change? Well, you don't. Only you know it, though you may also get good feedback from others sometimes about who you are, rather than about the great things you have done. When I was younger, I was always trying to prove something about myself through what I did, and it rarely worked very well. In fact, it often hardly worked at all. This is because my Saturn does not belong primarily out in the world.
The challenge with the extraverted Saturn is not to let your sense of who you are get too tied up with what you do. It will limit your awareness of your own fluid depths, and keep others at a distance. With the introverted Saturn, I think the challenge can be to learn to value yourself simply for who you are, and not indulge a feeling of worthlessness on the world's terms. This Saturn, once he is on side, can give you self-mastery, gravitas, depth.
Mythologically, Saturn devoured his children at birth, jealous that they would overthrow him. In the same way, Saturn can lead us to doubt whatever we have genuinely achieved, telling us it is not good enough. He is very strong in this form in the culture at large, because that is how large societies tend to control themselves. Original Sin was in this respect a great wheeze for controlling people. Saturn goes both ways: he helps us achieve, helps us incarnate. But then denies the value of that.

Friday, May 28, 2021


Boris Johnson's star has always shone brightly. A man with huge ambitions, success has come easily at every turn. There has always been a stirring of allegations around him, and 2 close colleagues - Gove and Cummings, temperamental opposites to Johnson - have, at different times, declared him to be unfit to be PM. Yet he remains very popular at the polls. However, people who shine brightly from a young age often come to an early end.

It is not my purpose here to assess him, though I will make the point that it remains extremely hard to get a word of sense out of many people when it comes to Johnson: they become contemptuous and write him off as just this or just that. But people are never that simple, and politicians are people, just like you and I. People's response to Johnson is just as interesting as the guy himself. He is a major blind spot, and a red rag, for many left-leaning educated people. They love to despise him, and think it is you who has the blind spot if you don't agree with them.

Boris became PM in 2019 under the thinnest of transits, as Uranus finished opposing his Moon, ruler of his MC. It was quite a sudden accession, as Theresa May was forced to resign. His SR chart for that year was very weighty, with Moon-Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in the 10th, showing the seriousness of the task facing him: a country paralysed by Brexit, with which he dealt in short order.

Boris does, though, have major transits in a couple of years. Often such transits will keep a leader in power when they are part of a series. But these are not, they are a huge new phase for him, so I think he will be gone in a couple of years. A while back I thought he would last and last because of these transits, but I have changed my mind.

Firstly, his Prog MC will conjoin his Prog Uranus in Sept 2023. His leadership will remain interesting, but will become increasingly unstable over the next 2 years. And here is the really big one: in 2023, Neptune will square his Sun and Pluto will square his Moon, ruler of his MC. And he will have his second Saturn Return. It doesn't get much bigger than that. I don't think that is survivable. These transits will remove him from office, either that or astrology doesn't work. At exactly what point in the transits it is, as ever, hard to say.

However, there is another clue, in that in 2022 Uranus will conjoin his Jupiter and oppose his Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of his 6th House of Health. Neptune moved into his 6th a few years ago, and was finishing with his 6th Chiron when he caught Covid, perhaps creating a weakness that will re-surface.

My guess is that it could be his health that will be at least the beginning of the end for Johnson. He is one of those guys with a strong constitution who I guess hasn't needed to take particularly good care of himself, and at a certain point something often comes and gets such people. Maybe getting Covid last year was a pointer to this.

So next year there will probably be health issues, though being a very private guy (Moon in Scorpio), we may not get to hear much about it. His Solar Return chart for 2023-4 shows Sun conjunct IC in square to Neptune Rising. SR charts can kick in a few months in advance, so I think anytime in the year from spring 2023, he will slip from public view, and maybe even from life.

He will be remembered as a crisis PM who engineered and enacted the UK's departure from the EU, and who led the country through Covid. It will be a very different UK that he leaves behind, and that is why he will be remembered. And both praised and damned for it.

Rick Tarnas has pointed out that crisis leaders often have a Saturn-Uranus hard aspect (Order - Saturn; and its disruption/instability - Uranus.) Joe Biden has the conjunction, and Johnson has the opposition. So maybe like his hero Churchill, this is the type of leader Johnson is. And, like Churchill (who also had the Saturn-Uranus opposition), not a peacetime leader. I think you can kind of see it with Johnson: he has the open, creative temperament (the other side of disruptive Uranus) that is needed to find solutions in a crisis. But without the diligence necessary for day to day leadership, it bores him, which is what diligent Gove and Cummings find so offensive. They are right, but Johnson is also a shadow figure for them. And probably the other way round, too.

Sunday, May 23, 2021


 Venus' connection with romantic love is shown through her rulership of Libra, in which we seek completion through the other. The deeper meaning of Libra is to find the balance within, instead of through another. And I think that reveals the true nature of Venus, who is not flopping about looking for someone to complete her, which is something we idealise in our culture. 


Yes, she is sensual, as her rulership of Taurus reveals. And she loves, but it comes from completeness rather than from neediness. This is the love journey she takes us on, and it is often associated with the 'mid-life crisis'. The Libran may find themselves on their own for the first time, finding an inner balance, and way of relating, that Hollywood does not make films about. Check out your Progressed Venus to see where you are on this journey.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


The vaccine crisis may prove to be the beginning of the end for the EU in its current form. The UK's departure was a body-blow, though the EU put on a brave face and continued as before. But the vaccine fiasco has revealed the EU to be neither fish nor fowl: neither centralised enough to respond effectively to a crisis, nor loose enough in its federation that individual states could respond in a timely way. Ideals of unity stood in the way of practicality. Jean-Claude Juncker, the last President of the Commission, said some time ago that the EU had lost its libido. Remember the driving ambition of Jacques Delors? All that seems a long time ago.

The chart for the EU as an organisation - the EEC - has mutable Angles, which is not traditionally a time to start something that will last. The characteristic of mutability is adaptativeness, allowing something to dissolve so that the new can arise. In 3 years' time Neptune will hard aspect these Angles. This could point to either a dissolution, or to an increased level of union. Pluto crossing these Angles in the late noughties corresponded to the fiscal crsis and the Greek bailout, when the EU was forced by circumstances to act centrally in a way that it hadn't before. So Neptune's transit will be round two. It is the lack of driving ambition which suggests to me that this transit is more likely to involve an unravelling, as member states look out for themselves, rather than a greater degree of union.

And what is the EU for its member states? In the same way that the Moon in a mundane chart describes the people of a country, we can read the Moon in the EU chart as its member states, as well as the peoples: this Moon says shared (8th House) wealth (Taurus). From the point of view of its peoples, then, the EU is primarily about prosperity. As for the idealism, when someone talks like that about themselves, I am a bit skeptical, and no less so in a political context. The EU, via its free trade zone, has the prosperity it needs, why does it need to do more than that? Uranus has been conjoining the EU Moon, describing the separation (Uranus) of the UK from the union.

The EU was founded as a means of ending wars involving primarily France and Germany, the main continental aggressors of the past 200 years. Fair enough, but that prospect seems to have well and truly faded, particularly with Germany, the new kid on the block, and insecure as a country, having fully established itself. This is maybe why the 'libido' has evaporated, because it was fear-driven in the first place (albeit articulated in terms of lofty ideals,) 

This fear-based libido is perhaps expressed by the natal square from Mars in Sag to Pluto. When the Euro was introduced in the mid to late nineties, Pluto was conjoining this natal Mars. It gradually became clear that monetary union could not be fully achieved without further political union - specifically, centralised control over national budgets. And this has not happened. Political unification has ground to a halt. Maybe Neptune's square to natal Mars, around 2014, was when the loss of drive, even loss of faith (Sag) was occurring.

When the vaccine crisis broke in late January, the EU Progressed Moon was almost exactly conjunct its Progressed MC in Virgo. When the UK delivered its 1st vaccine last December, transiting Moon was in Virgo conjunct the MC in Virgo, which is a fascinating correspondence. It makes you realise that astrology works. Virgo is a sign of healing, which is the intention of the vaccine. It also raises issues of service (Virgo) to the people (Moon) in a very public way (MC). Does the EU serve its people? Maybe the shift in Prog MC from Leo to Virgo in the last few years is creating a change in emphasis as to the function of the EU. Away from ideals about itself (Leo) to practicalities of service (Virgo.) And it has been found wanting. But it is also, maybe, a coming down to earth after 30 years in Leo.

Thursday, January 28, 2021


The last time the US had a Neptune opposition (Sibly Chart) was in the late 1850s, in the run-up to the Civil War. The natal square from Neptune to Mars goes some way to explaining why the country gets so polarised under this transit. Under the last opposition, the issue involved the redemption (Neptune) of the slaves and, with it, the soul of the country. This time Donald Trump is, for many, the Redeemer (he currently has Neptune squaring both his Sun and Moon), while for others he is the Scapegoat (another Neptunian theme) - and I am not saying he is not a good hook for everything we disapprove of in America, but a hook nonetheless. The US is also coming up to a Chiron Return, a healing theme as well as a scapegoat theme. When the US Civil War began, the Prog US Asc was at 16 Pisces. Currently, the Prog US Sun is at 16 Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune.

One way of describing a Neptune transit is loss and renewal of self, and the US has done this on both occasions of the opposition through polarising initially, though we have yet to see a current renewal. Don't underestimate the strength of feeling, the anger, in the US at present over the 'stealing' of the election, deluded as it may be (tr Neptune square natal Mars). But we are not talking reason, we are talking religious experience/belief (natal 9th House Neptune opp tr Neptune, Prog Jupiter opp Prog Pluto), which is not amenable to reason.

The Neptune opposition has a while to run and so, I am sure, will the consequences of the 'stolen' election run on. It provides part of the context for the US Pluto Return in 2022, which will complete a cycle of American economic power, turbocharged in the late 1930s under the Pluto opposition as the US emerged from the Great Depression and came to dominate the world via WWII. This time the US will be gradually ceding economic dominance to China, raising questions of its economic power-based identity (2nd House natal Pluto). The deeper anxieties expressed by the current Neptunian polarisation perhaps prefigure the power/identity issues that will be raised by the Pluto Return. Who are you when you only know how to be the winner: the theme for Trump right now, and for the US in the near future.


We are coming to the end of Pluto in Capricorn. What has it been about? Many things, I am sure. Its immediate effect was a reality check (Capricorn) in 2008 for the wild-west of the deregulated financial system. This resulted in western governments borrowing huge amounts to prop up the banks and avoid a second Great Depression, which occurred in the 1930s because the banks had been allowed to fail.

Now as Pluto inches towards Aquarius, and intensified by the conjunction with Capricorn's ruler Saturn, we find governments again borrowing huge amounts to keep the economy going, because of the Covid lockdowns. Now this is something none of us could have easily foreseen, although most astrologers probably knew something big was on its way at the start of 2020.

One way (amongst many) of looking at Pluto in Capricorn is that Capricorn is a sign of structures and responsible governance. Its weakness is that it thinks it can come to control everything. Pluto at both ends of the sign has given us crises of government, in which all the stops have been pulled out to bring things back under control. And left us with huge amounts of debt.

Maybe Pluto is showing us the limits of the power (Pluto) of government (Capricorn). The reason governments try to keep things under control is not just for the survival and thriving of the people; the people also feel psychologically insecure if there seems to be no-one sufficiently in control and there is not enough certainty.

This was part of the function of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages: the enforcement of collective certainties. And interestingly, the Church began to be shaken at its foundations in 1517, at the last conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, when Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation. The collective certainties began to crumble, and people were thrown back on their own relationship with God.

A rise in Conspiracy theory has marked the Covid lockdowns of the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction: the "wake up sheeple" people. (Such theories also marked the aftermath of 9/11.) These theories arise more intensely when government is no longer seen to be in control, and does not provide the certainties that we normally expect. (NB I see government as the expression of the collective psyche: it is ours, rather than something imposed.)

Conspiracy theory re-asserts a sense of certainty by attributing events to a dark agency that is 'really' controlling events. Mere facts do not play much part in these fantasies (nor did they in the religious fantasies of the medieval church).

Conspiracy theory helps us understand the psychological impact of the Covid lockdowns. And points us to one of the meanings of Pluto's passage through Capricorn, exemplified at the start and the end: that governments can only control events to a certain degree, and beyond that they are, in a big way, not in control. That we are responsible individually, that we are free, and do not need to orient ourselves through our subscription to collective values, whether ‘official’ or those of conspiracy.

Capricorn is a sign that is grounded in earthy, ‘mundane’ realities. The Native American who said “Don’t tell me about your visions unless they grow corn,” was probably a Capricorn. But the deeper meaning of Capricorn lies in the freedom to be found once we can hang loose to the structures, and not treat them as ultimate realities. This is how Capricorn grows into its adjacent sign of Aquarius. Capricorn sees through the dream of this earthly reality and into the spirit behind it. This is the power of Capricorn that Pluto is showing us: once you do not take material reality as ultimate, you are free to use it and even control it. Capricorn is a sign of the Magician.

Meanwhile western governments are left staggering under huge piles of debt. Who knows what the outcome of this will be. But it is hard to be fully in control of events in these circumstances. That seems to be where Pluto in Capricorn is leaving us: without the steady certainties that both re-assure and trap us. But hopefully with an insight into the inherent limitations of government and collectives generally, and our freedom to know who we are outside of that.

Monday, January 11, 2021


Jung observed about Nazi Germany that the country was in the grip of a psychosis. A psychosis occurs when you lose touch with ordinary reality, and believe things that are not true. Such as the idea that the Jews were responsible for Germany's ills. Or that the recent US Presidential election was fraudulent and stolen from the rightful winner, Donald Trump. 
It is not just outright crazies like the iconic Jake Angeli who choose to believe that the election was stolen. (He also believes. amongst other things, that banks have created secret bunkers in which they are building infinite-energy technology.) There are plenty of ordinary Americans who believe this too, out of the 74 million (the 2nd highest in history) who voted for Trump. 

It is not even a stance with some evidence for it. It has been shown repeatedly that there is none, and this is why I am calling it a collective psychosis, and it is dangerous. This is as Neptune squares Donald Trump's Sun and Moon: he is the Redeemer, spreading his own delusions among a willing collective. In the years immediately before his rise to power, Hitler had Neptune trining his Sun and Moon. 
There seem to be plenty of people in Europe too who choose to believe that the election was stolen. I say 'choose' because I think it is right to continue to attribute agency to people, even though they get taken over by these things. The pressure of Covid seems to have pushed a lot of people in the direction of psychosis. There have of course been the waves of conspiracy theories flooding social media over the last year, which have no grounding in reality if you take the trouble to investigate properly. But I think the tendency to psychosis is visible in low-level ways too, such as when people choose to believe that politicians are lying or faking when they are not. This is very common, and also constitutes a loss of connection with reality, that is very different to having differing opinions about verifiable facts. 

The major event in the US Sibly chart over the next couple of years is its Pluto Return, with Neptune opposite Neptune coming in a close second. Between them they are heralding a new era for the US. In the chart, Pluto rules the 12th House of collective delusion. And natal Neptune in the 9th House can signify deluded beliefs. QED. Pluto is natally in the 2nd House of resources, so watch out for plenty of adjustment (for some) and paranoia (for others) around China and its relentless rise to economic supremacy. (Neptune hard aspecting the US Mars-Neptune square will contribute to this scenario, bringing in a military dimension.) As well as ongoing trouble from Trump and his followers, who are unlikely to go quietly. Trump's Gemini Sun conjoins the US Mars, which is why he was able to goad his followers into storming the Capitol, and will continue to goad them in provocative ways.