Tuesday, November 17, 2020


A while back both our PM and leader of the opposition were Geminis, as is Donald Trump. And it is interesting to look at them all from the point of view of their relationship to truth and lies.

Corbyn is rigorously truthful and reasonable, and he says what he thinks, even if it will cause problems. So he said he thought the anti-Semitic problem was exaggerated within the Labour Party, and that got him suspended from the Party. But I think he was probably just being truthful by his own lights.

Boris Johnson does both truth and lies, though the lies seem to have largely stopped since he became PM. But he has always also got in trouble for telling the truth. When he was Foreign Secretary, he said that the Saudis were funding proxy wars in the region. Which was true, but which no-one was saying, and it was diplomatically a blunder. And then yesterday he described Scottish devolution as a disaster. Again, this is truthful inasmuch as it is his real opinion. And it has been noticeable during the Covid crisis the lengths he has gone to communicate regularly to the nation what is going on and why, in a way that we don't usually see from PMs.

And then there is Trump, who is the sort of Gemini who will say anything that suits him, who has very little regard for the truth. Within that, he has as a businessman certain longstanding convictions about the US, which is why he was elected - conviction is appealing in a politician. Such as his concern about the trade imbalance with China and its unfair practices, which to his credit he took on, and which Obama never did.

The opposite sign to Gemini is Sagittarius. Gemini is facts and information, Sag is truth and belief. They can each be the shadow of the other. Which is why we need to find the opposite and balancing sign to our Sun in ourselves, or both will come out as shadow. And it is interesting the different forms it takes in each leader. A lot more could be said. But I'll just say one thing about Corbyn: I think Sagittarius is his shadow, inasmuch as he is guided by old-style socialist beliefs in quite a rigid way, beliefs that were tried out decades ago and left the country in a mess.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020


It looks like Joe Biden is going to win the Presidency. That was my personal preference, though I had predicted that Trump would win. Under normal circumstances, the strength of Trump's transits would decisively empower the re-election of a sitting President. Trump currently has Neptune squaring his Sun, Moon and Node, Nodal Return and Pluto starting to oppose Venus, ruler of his MC.

Biden, by contrast, just has the final stage of Neptune conjoining his IC and nothing major to come - it is like he is whispering in, and I think will be gone in a couple of years, as Uranus re-enters his House of Health and Saturn squares his Sun. His Vice-President Kamala Harris, who has some huge transits over the next few years, will take over.

So in that case, what do Trump's transits mean for him? I think there may be a clue in his announcement that major electoral fraud has taken place. My sense was that he really believes this, and I also do not think it is true. In other words, I think his Neptune transits are making him (even more) delusional. His grip on reality was never very strong. I think he may spend the rest of his life telling anyone who will listen that the election was stolen from him. It is the only way such a fragile guy can deal with what has happened. I think there has been something of a mental health issue all along, and it will now start to take over.