Tuesday, May 28, 2019


The North Node is about to cross the UK Moon (the people) at this pivotal time. The people have spoken in the EU elections, and we are just as divided as ever! However, the message is that something has to be done about the Brexit issue, or the Tories and Labour will be in meltdown in a general election.

The North Node moves on to cross the UK MC on 11 Dec, so the run-up to that moment will also be pivotal. In this case, it involves government (MC) rather than the people (Moon). The obvious point here is 31 Oct, when the UK is due to leave the EU.

It seems almost certain that the Tories will elect a Brexiteer leader. The final vote (when it has been whittled down by MPs to 2 candidates) is taken by the Party members, and they will vote for a Brexiteer. It seems likely to be Boris, because of the close fit between his Angles and the UK Angles, and the 10th House emphasis of his Solar Return. If it is Boris, it is likely to be short, because Uranus will be putting him there in the end-stage of his opposition to Boris' MC ruler, the Moon. Uranus will start to retrograde in mid-August, so whatever he thought his leadership would be, it will quickly become something else. In additIon, Saturn will be backing into an opposition with his MC, and that is difficult too. But Boris is a trickster, and Uranus may help him perform some surprising manoeuvers in this very tricky situation. 


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Key to this is the DUP. They don't want a united Ireland, but they don't want a hard border either. If there is a no-deal Brexit, there will, officially at least, be a hard border. If the DUP withdraws its support for the government as a result of this prospect, Corbyn would have the numbers to win a no-confidence vote, and that would lead to a general election. But as we have seen, the people are not happy with either Tories or Labour at present, so that would not be a good move. But Corbyn is an ideologue, and may take this course nonetheless.

Who knows what will happen. We are in astrological outcome time. The UK has been subject to Pluto hard-aspecting our Sun, Moon and Angles over the last 7 years, and he is currently backing into his final almost-opposition with the Moon, as Saturn completes his run through of the UK Chart. So it looks like there will be some sort of outcome this year. The last time we were in this position - ie Pluto completing his long sweep over the UK chart - was in 1979, and Thatcher had just been elected. So expect a rebirth of some sort in the coming years. The stuckness has been the expression of the transit period, rather than its outcome, which we are entering.

I reckon it's going to be a no-deal Brexit in October, the Tories having stayed in power by all sorts of arm-twisting of the DUP. Boris may do something dastardly behind the scenes to ensure this. And the arrangement that will be more visible will probably be some kind of practical solution to the Irish border question, whereby the border is officially hard, but everyone will ignore it. A practical way of thinking that gets things done, and which is what should have happened, but which is beyond the imagination of the bureaucratic EU and the bureaucratic Theresa May.