Sunday, August 23, 2020


Donald Trump, at the time of the US election, will have Pluto moving forward and about to make his first opposition to his natal Venus (ruler of his MC), having opposed his natal Saturn, which is next to Venus, this year. This does not look good for him. Venus in a politician is popularity, and he is trailing badly and consistently in the polls. I will declare an interest at this point, which is that I want him to lose the election; but that did not stop me, correctly, predicting he would win last time.

More than that, Neptune will square Trump's Sun and Moon next year. Normally such strong transits are empowering in a leader. They would suggest some kind of landslide in his favour. That is clearly not going to happen, so I am thinking he will lose, which for a sitting President is a considerable failure. And Neptune can also describe that.
Joe Biden's chart is interesting: Neptune is about to oppose his MC for the 3rd time, and next year Uranus will enter his House of Health (the 6th). Meanwhile, Kamala Harris has an almost ridiculous amount of powerful transits in the next few years: Pluto square Sun and Moon, Neptune square Asc, second Saturn Return followed by Saturn conjunct MC. She is being propelled somewhere very big.
Putting all this together, I think the probablity is that Biden will win, and after a year or two will have to stand down due to ill health, and Harris will take over. At this point Saturn will be squaring both the ruler of Biden's MC (Mercury) and the ruler of his 6th (Venus). Pluto will also be starting to square his Moon, our embodiment, so that further suggests health issues. Jupiter will cross his IC in March 2022, you can draw your own conclusions from that.
The initial Neptune opposite Pisces MC transit that could propel Biden into the Presidency also has a theme of loss and sacrifice around it, the sacrifice needed to end a dark Presidency.