Sunday, December 22, 2019


Uranus-Pluto brings political extremes and polarisation in its wake. We saw this in the 30s with the rise of the far right in Europe. In the UK, we are more moderate, but we have nevertheless had our own moves to the right and left in the aftermath of the recent square. I wouldn't go so far as to call them extremes, though that hasn't stopped people calling each other Fascists or Stalinists. And I think it has served a purpose. 

Within the Tory Party, the disproportionate influence of the right wing catalysed the EU referendum, which turned out to reflect the mood of at least half the nation. And within the Labour Party, the disproportionate influence of the left - inasmuch as their leader Corbyn was from that end of the spectrum, against the wishes of the party's MPs - revealed a thirst for idealism among the young. 


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We are now returning to something more moderate and British, with the socially liberal Johnson reigning unchallenged over the Tories, and possibly a more centrist and electable leader in the offing for the Labour Party. But those voices from further out in the spectrum, love them or hate them, have had a chance to speak, and they have changed who we are. And that seems to be a function of Uranus-Pluto.