Friday, March 30, 2018

The Chart for Brexit

This is the chart for actual Brexit next year, alongside the UK 1801 chart. Can we be astrologers about this, and not let our love or hate for Brexit interfere? For this reason it may be the most testing piece of astrology we ever do. There is unlikely to be anything so divisive again in our lifetimes. Will you be able to look your grandchildren in the eye and say, "I didn't let Brexit stop me reading the stars, because the stars are even more important than Brexit?"

There will be a lot of Mars around: Mars conjunct the Desc in the Brexit chart; and Brexit Sun in Aries conjunct the UK Desc. And we will have recently emerged from a Mars Return, Mars being the ruler of the UK Desc. This gives a threefold message of a strong new start in foreign relationships, which if we are doing this thing, is what is needed. 

Then look at the natal UK Moon, the people, at 19 Cancer: conjoining it will be the North Node, opposite will be the Moon, Saturn and Pluto. This a historic turning point. The UK will be starting to emerge from the dark tunnel she is currently in, as Pluto opposes her Moon, in which we no longer know who we are. Hence the minority government.


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But with Neptune opposite the MC of the Brexit chart, the theme of an uncertain direction may continue for some time, even though a new sense of national identity will be beginning to emerge. Moon-Saturn-Pluto are in the 2nd House of the Brexit chart, suggesting our sense of who we are becoming will have an economic base to it.

Scorpio Rising, along with Brexit Moon conjunct Brexit Pluto, and UK Moon opp Brexit Pluto give a threefold message of power. A claiming of a new power to live, which will be necessary.

The UK Progressed chart will be a few months shy of a Progressed Lunar Return, which stacks up the message of a new start for the people. And about a year shy of Prog Sun in Leo conjunct Prog Jupiter in Leo. Now there is a feelgood factor, a sense of self-expansion. Or maybe it's grandiosity? Take your pick.