Thursday, August 12, 2021


I don't know if Boris Johnson will be gone or not in a couple of years. Certainly he will have Pluto square Moon, Neptune square Sun and his second Saturn Return to contend with, all at the same time. These are not continuations of other major transits, they are a big new phase for him, so as I wrote a few months back, it will probably be the end of him as PM. If not, I think he will be settling in, post-Covid and post-Brexit, to an innings of quite a different nature that will last the rest of the decade, at which point Neptune will square his MC and dissolve his premiership.

You can never quite tell. If he goes, it may well be because the way he operates is just too chaotic for his colleagues to stomach. Chaotic is one word for it, open and creative is another. That is why he could get Brexit done when diligent Theresa May couldn't. I think BJ works intuitively: he can see something can be done, and leaves the detail to others. Diligent, conscientious people are notoriously judging of open, creative people. Think accountants vs bohemians. That is why Gove and Cummings, two of his closest colleagues, have at different times declared Johnson unfit for office. In a sense they are right, but they are also missing something, and that is part of what makes him electable. He is not a robot.

Johnson has 7 planets in mutable signs: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Mutable signs do not have their own motivation. They work best when there is pressure from outside, as we have seen with Johnson. His Saturn-Uranus opposition is good for crises (creating a container/Saturn for disruption/Uranus). His level of mutability, and particularly, maybe, Saturn in Pisces, describe the chaos that seems to envelop him. But also his openness to new solutions. Don't expect him to have thought-out policies. He works responsively, and there is a lot to be said for that.

Johnson has a Sun-Moon-Saturn Grand Trine. This is why he is an optimist who thinks everything will work out. This is something I appreciate about the guy, especially in a Capricornian country such as ours, where we think it is only right not to think well of ourselves. His Grand Trine is compromised by being in 2 elements - Air and Water - when the point of Grand Trines is that they are all in the same element. But I think it gives him the ability to articulate (Sun-Venus in Air) emotion (Moon and Saturn in Water), which is why he has hitherto been so electable - as MP, as Mayor of London, and as PM.

I think we can rely on him, as an optimist, not to create austerity as a response to our record debt levels. This is what the Tories did last time (2010) and they got panned for it, which I think is unfair, because it is a responsible approach to debt. Spending your way out of debt, which the Americans did, worked, but it is not the obvious thing to do. Taurean Rishi Sunak will, of course, argue for austerity, because that is what Chancellors do. So expect tension.

It may be that he gets bored of being PM. That would be one outcome for his second Saturn Return (in Pisces). It may turn to ashes for him, not providing the meaning (his 9th House emphasis) that he thought it would, his childhood dream to be 'king of the world'. His Pluto-Moon and Neptune-Sun transits will reveal this, and others will sense the loss of fire and political killer instinct. Johnson is a natural writer (Sun and Mercury in 9th Gemini) and this is what he may turn to.

Johnson's Moon in fixed Scorpio (ruling his MC) tells a different story to his Grand Trine and his unusual mutability. It describes the enduring drive for power behind the bonhomie, which you need to have if you are a politician. You need ambition if you are to do well in any walk of life, and I think we need to allow that to politicians, like we would with other professions. The problem is the degree to which it can take over. In Johnson's case, he may lose his fire, but will nevertheless want to hang on (Moon in Scorp) and may need to be ousted.

His Moon in Scorpio also describes his desire for personal and family privacy. But because it rules his MC, his personal matters do tend to become public. There is one mishap after another, mostly as a result of his chaotic nature, whether it is his personal finances or being indiscreet in his utterances (but really, there shouldn't be leaks, and people shouldn't leave government, like Cummings did, and then attack his erstwhile employers. It is dishonourable, something the Victorians would have understood.)

Personally, I don't mind the chaos that is around Johnson. It is not my problem. It is a problem for those who work with him. He is a good front man. He is libertarian, he is bold, he is a good communicator, and he is reasonably centrist. He polarises people, and maybe that is a Gemini thing. Think Blair, with Mars Rising in Gemini. I have seen well-known astrologers refer to the present administration as a bad lot, as though that is a fact rather than a value judgement. That reflects the degree of polarisation we have politically at the moment. Astrologers need to be beyond that.

If you want to do political astrology - if you want to have intelligent things to say politically - we need to step out of the crass habit of assuming the worst of the politicians you don't vote for. It gives a comfortable liberal tribal identity, but there is no understanding in it. Personally, I am willing to live with people thinking I am naive for not assuming the worst, for assuming that there is something that politicians of all persuasions are trying to do, that isn't just about power. I think it means I can, to a degree, do political astrology. Whereas those still in the matrix cannot: they tend to misuse astrology to confirm their political prejudices.