Friday, November 11, 2016


I still remember a dream from 35 years ago, when I was just starting out on this thing: I was on a very high, very white mountain crag, and in front of me was the vast, deep blue sky. I was an eagle, and I took off, and then I got scared by the height. I was afraid to soar, unlike my companion eagle. I don't think I'm soaring yet, I'm still being led to mend the bits that need mending. But it's where I'm headed. 
The house position of Pluto is where you need to look to find your power. My Pluto is in the 12th House, the place of dreams and inner work. If I don't make that place the foundation, I feel out of sorts.
Dreams are not an add-on, a supplement to our waking experience. As my friend June O'Brien said recently, "I have begun to wonder if it isn't this daytime stuff that is the dream."
Dreams are where the Spirit speaks to us. They therefore tell us what is real. I have had some dreams lately that confront, contradict my waking experience. They are forcing the issue of what is real.
But dreams also unfold over time, they are multi-layered. What they mean changes. As with all inner experience, I think it is best to be circumspect about talking about them. It can be like taking the lid off the crucible: the intensity diminishes, the development slows. For dreams are not one-off things, they are gifts that stay with us and enrich. If we cherish them.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Why the US Election isn't so important

I'm not sure that the outcome of the US election matters too much. There are 2 candidates: Hillary Clinton, who is temperamentally unsuited to the post, being a private person who just needs a job to get on with; and Donald Trump, who is morally unsuited. As his biographer said recently, he's the sort of guy who could push the nuclear button just to show how tough he is.

Astrologically, we are at a closing phase of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. This cycle governs wordly events, and its phase suggests that nothing really new can happen until the conjunction in late 2020, just before the next inauguration. President Carter was elected under the closing square, and Bill Clinton's second term, engulfed as it was by the comedy of the Monica Lewinsky affair, also began under the closing square.

Inauguration Charts 2017 and 2021: Click to Enlarge
Furthermore, the Presidential Inauguration chart for 20 Jan 2017 has an unaspected Sun, again suggesting a leader who cannot get much done. The chart for 20 Jan 2021 is quite different, very dynamic, but that will be another story, and it is unlikely to be Hillary or Trump.

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So there it is. Astrologically, it seems to me to be more likely to be Trump who will win. And that seems like an awful prospect. It may not be. It will probably be the case that he can't get much done, because he has shown an inability to work with members of his own party, let alone the opposition. But he will be a loose cannon who doesn't follow the rules, he will continue to do things that make jaws drop. With the US Progressed Mercury stationary direct, he may occasion America thinking about itself in a way that the same-old of Hillary would not.

It will be awful that such a man is leading the US. But the astrology says to me that the reality of it won't be as bad as we might fear.