Saturday, December 10, 2022


My second book, Surfing the Galactic Highways: Adventures in Divinatory Astrology has just come out. The ongoing deal will be that if you buy it from Amazon, and leave a genuine rating, I will give you a free Astrology or Tarot Reading. And help you unpack whatever it is in your life that’s needs unpacking: what the universe, in her infinite wisdom, wishes to convey to you. What’s not to like? 😊

So why would you read my book? First of all, it is very readable. I had previously spent 15 years writing astrology blogs. That was my apprenticeship. I learnt to write in a way that is concrete, to the point and original. I know from experience what I am talking about. I do not write systematically, there is no attempt to put astrology into neat boxes. I keep it interesting, and I look at the subject in ways that I have not seen elsewhere. I have lots of opinions!

This book is aimed at anyone who has a little bit of knowledge of astrology upwards. Astrology is one of those subjects that enters your bones, and if it is there, then it is there, however much or however little you know. It is a primordial connection to the sky that many of us feel.

If I had to draw out some central themes of the book, they would be these: the power of astrology to take our breath away, to enchant us, through the eerie synchronicities it reveals between sky events and earthly events; its ability, particularly using the outer planets, to guide us through the deep initiatory and transformative experiences that life, if we are willing, offers us; and an affirmation of the intuitive, non-rational means of knowing, that is so central to who we are as humans, but which is undervalued and even denied in our modern age.

“The astrologer's first job is to demystify. The second is to fascinate. Through his insistence on pure craft winning, at every turn, over personal feelings or bias, Barry Goddard achieves just that. An astrological page turner.” Joanna Watters, author of Astrology for Today and Be Your Own Astrologer

PS The book doesn’t launch on Amazon US till 1st Jan, but you can still pre-order

PPS My first book, The Medicine Wheel, has the same ongoing deal: leave a genuine rating on Amazon, and I will give you a free reading.