Friday, May 28, 2021


Boris Johnson's star has always shone brightly. A man with huge ambitions, success has come easily at every turn. There has always been a stirring of allegations around him, and 2 close colleagues - Gove and Cummings, temperamental opposites to Johnson - have, at different times, declared him to be unfit to be PM. Yet he remains very popular at the polls. However, people who shine brightly from a young age often come to an early end.

It is not my purpose here to assess him, though I will make the point that it remains extremely hard to get a word of sense out of many people when it comes to Johnson: they become contemptuous and write him off as just this or just that. But people are never that simple, and politicians are people, just like you and I. People's response to Johnson is just as interesting as the guy himself. He is a major blind spot, and a red rag, for many left-leaning educated people. They love to despise him, and think it is you who has the blind spot if you don't agree with them.

Boris became PM in 2019 under the thinnest of transits, as Uranus finished opposing his Moon, ruler of his MC. It was quite a sudden accession, as Theresa May was forced to resign. His SR chart for that year was very weighty, with Moon-Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in the 10th, showing the seriousness of the task facing him: a country paralysed by Brexit, with which he dealt in short order.

Boris does, though, have major transits in a couple of years. Often such transits will keep a leader in power when they are part of a series. But these are not, they are a huge new phase for him, so I think he will be gone in a couple of years. A while back I thought he would last and last because of these transits, but I have changed my mind.

Firstly, his Prog MC will conjoin his Prog Uranus in Sept 2023. His leadership will remain interesting, but will become increasingly unstable over the next 2 years. And here is the really big one: in 2023, Neptune will square his Sun and Pluto will square his Moon, ruler of his MC. And he will have his second Saturn Return. It doesn't get much bigger than that. I don't think that is survivable. These transits will remove him from office, either that or astrology doesn't work. At exactly what point in the transits it is, as ever, hard to say.

However, there is another clue, in that in 2022 Uranus will conjoin his Jupiter and oppose his Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of his 6th House of Health. Neptune moved into his 6th a few years ago, and was finishing with his 6th Chiron when he caught Covid, perhaps creating a weakness that will re-surface.

My guess is that it could be his health that will be at least the beginning of the end for Johnson. He is one of those guys with a strong constitution who I guess hasn't needed to take particularly good care of himself, and at a certain point something often comes and gets such people. Maybe getting Covid last year was a pointer to this.

So next year there will probably be health issues, though being a very private guy (Moon in Scorpio), we may not get to hear much about it. His Solar Return chart for 2023-4 shows Sun conjunct IC in square to Neptune Rising. SR charts can kick in a few months in advance, so I think anytime in the year from spring 2023, he will slip from public view, and maybe even from life.

He will be remembered as a crisis PM who engineered and enacted the UK's departure from the EU, and who led the country through Covid. It will be a very different UK that he leaves behind, and that is why he will be remembered. And both praised and damned for it.

Rick Tarnas has pointed out that crisis leaders often have a Saturn-Uranus hard aspect (Order - Saturn; and its disruption/instability - Uranus.) Joe Biden has the conjunction, and Johnson has the opposition. So maybe like his hero Churchill, this is the type of leader Johnson is. And, like Churchill (who also had the Saturn-Uranus opposition), not a peacetime leader. I think you can kind of see it with Johnson: he has the open, creative temperament (the other side of disruptive Uranus) that is needed to find solutions in a crisis. But without the diligence necessary for day to day leadership, it bores him, which is what diligent Gove and Cummings find so offensive. They are right, but Johnson is also a shadow figure for them. And probably the other way round, too.

Sunday, May 23, 2021


 Venus' connection with romantic love is shown through her rulership of Libra, in which we seek completion through the other. The deeper meaning of Libra is to find the balance within, instead of through another. And I think that reveals the true nature of Venus, who is not flopping about looking for someone to complete her, which is something we idealise in our culture. 


Yes, she is sensual, as her rulership of Taurus reveals. And she loves, but it comes from completeness rather than from neediness. This is the love journey she takes us on, and it is often associated with the 'mid-life crisis'. The Libran may find themselves on their own for the first time, finding an inner balance, and way of relating, that Hollywood does not make films about. Check out your Progressed Venus to see where you are on this journey.