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The other day I wrote about the stars relating to the inauguration of the US President, which occurs every four years at 12pm on Jan 20th. From 1793 to 1933 (with the occasional exception), the date was 4th March. Diana Rosenberg wrote that she’s always reckoned changing the date was a mistake. Matthew the Astrologer commented that he’s always reckoned the Founding Fathers used more astrology than they were letting on, because they made the date a fixed thing.

I reckon they could both be right.

The star that rules a day, the Heliacal Rising Star, is the one that is last to rise over the eastern horizon before the Sun rises.

For the 4th of March in Washington, the Heliacal Rising Star is entirely appropriate: Deneb Algedi – the Ancient Law Giver, which is to be found in the tail of the constellation Capricornus. Bernadette Brady says: “Deneb Algedi is linked to the symbolism of the law-giving, justice orientated ancient god who is trying to civilise his people. Therefore, matters of justice are a theme of your life, and you are a person who is trying, in some way, to use wisdom and knowledge to protect and help the people around you.” Yes, there is a good case that they were using astrology!

Then we move on to 1933, and those foolish people who no longer consulted the heavens. And what do we find for 12pm Jan 20 every four years? Menkar conjunct the ASC - one of the most difficult stars, that makes the President vulnerable to the worst of the collective. And the Heliacal Rising Star is Acumen: ‘Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumours.’ “Aculeus and Acumen are the tail of Scorpio, the sting, and are linked to attacks, not only physical, but also mental, verbal or spiritual. Acumen leans towards the small, irritating attacks that can slowly weaken you. So with Acumen in such an important position on the day of your birth, you will feel that your life-path may be filled with attacks or hindrance. It is therefore imperative that you learn to overcome obstacles on your path, whether placed there by yourself or others.”

I think Acumen accurately describes what it’s like being a leader in a modern democracy. You are constantly subject to attack through an up-to-the-minute media that reaches everyone’s home. Indeed it is seen as a healthy part of the democratic process that the leader is constantly under such attack. And you are ‘weak’ if you can’t handle it. Which means having a skin so thick that there isn’t much room left for a brain.

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Lynn Hayes said...

David Ovason wrote a book on this very subject:

Anonymous said...

Clarification: 1933 was the last presidential inauguration to take place on March 4, a date forming a neat grand trine with the national independence holiday and election day in early November. Yes, I think there were astrological considerations in setting that up.
An important part of the context of this is that, with the country beginning to emerge from the depths of the Depression, the political elite was reorganizing the state as a superpower. It was setting itself up to supplant the British Empire as the dominant global power. The primary axis in the chart for the modernized Presidency—the inauguration of Roosevelt on Jan. 20, 1937—represents this quite well. It has Sun not just at 0 Aquarius but Sun opposite Pluto, and that Pluto is exactly opposite USA natal Pluto—representing concentrated power soon to fully externalized in the world through awesome production of war materiel, death dealing via tactics such as saturation bombing and atomic bombing, corporate organization and political machinations.