Monday, December 31, 2007


It is possible to get some sort of chart for both Christianity and Islam by using the start dates for the Christian and Muslim Calendars respectively. (See Nick Campion's 'Book of World Horoscopes')

The Christian Calendar can be set up for 12am 1st Jan 0001 AD. (Click for larger image).

With Jupiter on the ASC opposite Mars in Aries on the DESC (‘open enemies’) square to the Sun, the expansive (Jupiter) and crusading (Mars) nature of Christianity seems to be clear. Islam has also spread widely, but it is not worldwide in the way that Christianity is.

The Muslim Calendar can be set up for July 16 622 AD at 6.45pm in Medina, Saudi Arabia: this is the traditional date of Mohammed’s arrival (at sunset) in Medina. These are both symbolic rather than literal charts, but so is the US Sibly chart! And astrology itself is symbolic.

Islam is much more identified with its place of origin, the Middle East, than is Christianity, and I think we can see this from its Sun in Cancer on the DESC conjunct Saturn: it is concerned to defend (Saturn) the homeland (Cancer) from its enemies (DESC). The Moon (Home) in the 7th House (enemies) seems to reinforce this point. With most of the chart in the 7th, opposition and enemies would seem to be central to Islam, it’s as though it wouldn’t know itself without them. Like an old friend of ours who also has Sun in Cancer and unaspected Mars in Virgo, George W Bush.

If you Progress the Christian Chart to 1095 AD, the date of the first Crusade to the Holy Land, you find Pluto stationary Retrograde. The Progressed Chart for 1271, the year of the final Crusade, has Pluto stationary Direct. So the Medieval Crusades involved a whole Progressed Pluto cycle for Christianity. If we fast forward to 11th Sept 2001, what do we find? Progressed Pluto stationary Direct! The start of a whole new cycle of aggression against Islam.

That this new cycle is not just a one-way process is confirmed by Progressing the Islamic Chart to 11th Sept 2001, and setting it for New York. What we find is progressed Pluto at 25.02 Aries, within 5 minutes of the MC at 24.57 Aries.

As I have written elsewhere, the War on Terror (using the 9/11 chart for its beginning) had a progressed New Moon in August 2007, heralding a major new phase in the conflict, whose nature will take time to become clear. The chart for Islam had a progressed New Moon 4 weeks earlier in July 2007, which is extraordinary, and confirms the point.

The Composite Chart for Islam and Christianity has Mars at 0.39 Cancer conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Cancer, which is about as heavy as it gets. Pluto will oppose this Mars by transit in Feb 2008, again indicative of a new phase in the conflict between the Christian West and Muslim Middle East.

When Benazir Bhutto was assassinated a few days ago, Mars was very close to this Christian-Muslim composite Mars, and so is descriptive of the tensions between the pro-western Bhutto and ther Pakistani Islamists that led to her murder.

As Pluto moves to oppose the composite Saturn and Pluto in the coming years, Uranus will also square them, at the same time as the Uranus-Pluto square transits the charts of most of the major western powers. This suggests that the development of the conflict between the west and the Muslim world will be an important part of the Uranus-Pluto square, which is the big astrological configuration coming our way. You never know, some sort of accommodation might eventually be reached, it might not be all doom and gloom.

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Darren said...

Does anyone know what people used to call their years in the West before the Christian calendar? Did years have numbers then, or was it more an ad hoc, local thing, like "We're in the 5th year of the Reign of King such-and-such"?

Anonymous said...

I find disconcerting the odd combination of penetrating astrological insight existing within a structure of mainstream propagandistic orientation.

If your penetration extended to a big-picture awareness of geopolitical realities, you would be a formidable resource, Dharmaruci! As it is, however, I do enjoy reading your posts.

Dharmaruci said...

Which geo-political realities do you have in mind?

Anonymous said...

I mean that religion is a form of language. It is one way for certain people, who are basically tribal, to recognize one another. Languages do not, of themselves, create conflict. But languages can be USED to create conflict. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the Greek Orthodox religion coexisted for the most part peacefully for 5 centuries under the Ottoman Empire. Cultural groups had autonomy. There was no intervention in their customs, traditions, language or culture. No one was trying to homogenize them under one nationalistic impulse.

It was the European Machiavells agitating for nationalism in the Balkans that ruined what was becoming an enlightened system. Toward the end of the Ottoman Empire, even the exclusion of minorities from government positions was evaporating.

Don't look for cause in religion. Look for it where it lies - in the compulsion of a new breed of human being to amass unlimited power and ideological control. It is the same cause that has produced the abortion called America.

Anonymous said...

Of course, since people are the authors of NOTHING (though they are inherently creative beings), one has to take this all a step further and contemplate who they are serving, What evolutionary purpose does this new Machiavellian man, playing with other people's lives in his little sandbox of individual prerogatives, represent?

When you begin to get a handle on this, then you can look at your charts as indicators of the means through which the languages of culture are expressed, instead of seeing a justification for the predominant self-serving assumptions of the day.

There is no "war on terror". It is a convenient scam. How can there be a war on a state of mind? Think.

Dharmaruci said...

I like that statement: "the compulsion of a new breed of human being to amass unlimited power and ideological control."

Mind you, I'm not sure how new this breed is. The Roman Empire functioned like this, and as far as I understand it, Christianity rose from obscurity because it became the religion of this empire and one of its tools.

So I don't think there's necessarily anything modern in what's going on. Look at the Muslim invasions of India a thousand years ago, and their ferocious destruction of Buddhism in that land.

For all its many faults, in the modern west you have considerable latitude to live and think how you want and to publicly and loudly criticise the government etc. That is historically very unusual in any culture. I don't assume it will last indefinitely.

At the same time, as you say, the west has this compulsion to "amass unlimited power and ideological control."

Anonymous said...

In the Roman Empire, the highest aspiration of a leader was to be the best exemplar he could of what it means to be Roman. He might have been compulsive, deluded, a poor leader, whatever. But his task in life, just as for all citizens of the time, was to be ROMAN. Power enabled him to make the whole world Roman! What a glorious cause! Being Roman was synonymous with being human. It was synonymous with being RIGHT. This is the nature of tribalism. Catholicism appropriated pagan festivals and eventually made being Christian = being human = being right.

But then a breed of human came along in Western Europe around the 15th century who started to be able to say, "hmmm...I can USE this religion and that cultural mindset to my own advantage. I can manipulate it and gain power for ME."

The people who control the financial agenda in this world are loyal to no tribal group. They form alliances among themselves for mutual benefit. They have extremely sophisticated ways of manipulating mass attitudes and behavior, and use the media well for those purposes. If you take at face value the comfort-level assumptions you are inundated with daily, you are blind. I don't care how good you are at reading charts, you are blind.

Dharmaruci said...

So don't a lot of modern American's also think they are RIGHT? Is not saluting the flag every day (which Amercian school kids have to do) also tribalism?

Dharmaruci said...

By the way, the best way to get somewhere in a discussion is to argue the point, rather than comment on the other person's character, like saying they are 'blind'!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. Most Americans are basically barely above the tribal stage - that is, occasionally, when they aren't threatened. So are a lot of Muslims, a lot of Jews, etc., etc. It's the default level of consciousness at this point in human history, ergo a free-for-all for the Machiavells. Flags, patriotic platitudes, religious dogma - identity-through-identification.

Don't take my comment as a put-down. It's not. It's an admonition. Work on pursuing truth as something separate from your ego. Then you can start to really learn - and that's not a put-down either. It's just the truth. Sorry if you can't take it as such at this moment in time.

I have come to the understanding that I have no obligation to make truth palatable. PC is crap. It's part of what has horrifically dumbed-down this culture. Toughen up.