Monday, April 28, 2008

Pluto and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

From the New York Times:

“The Justice Department has told Congress that American intelligence operatives attempting to thwart terrorist attacks can legally use interrogation methods that might otherwise be prohibited under international law…

Determining the legal boundaries for interrogating terrorism suspects has been a struggle for the Bush administration.”

This is Pluto in Capricorn: setting the boundaries (Capricorn) around torture (Pluto). I think it’s also a measure of how hideous the present US administration is, that you end up with this sort of debate. It’s like something from a horror spoof.

But it’s no surprise given that the 2005 Presidential Inauguration chart has a Mars-Pluto in Sag conjunction in the 8th House: secret (8th House) torture (Pluto) in a war of ideologies (Mars in Sagittarius). The 8th House suggests that while practices like waterboarding are being publicly debated, the CIA under Bush may well be getting up to much worse stuff that the legal system never gets to hear about.

But at the same time, does the US do anything that other countries do not do? At least it is more out in the open and subject to public scrutiny, which I think is a good thing. Of course, it also means that some practices become formally legitimised and therefore more widespread. It’ll be the local police force wanting to use waterboarding next.

It was the Gestapo, incidentally, who came up with the term 'Refined Interrogation Techniques' as a euphemism for torture. The Bush administration also has 'Special Methods of Questioning', 'Extraordinary Rendition' (for kidnapping), 'Sleep Management' and 'Stress Position'. The themes of political misuse of language and government control are central to George Orwell's 1984, a book whose time may have come under Pluto in Capricorn. I'm not suggesting that society will end up fully like Orwell suggests it could, rather that these themes are likely to be strongly present and strongly debated.

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dawa satso said...

Dharmaruchi, most excellent article and important topic, this pluto business & the u.s. elections.
I'd love to hear your thoughts about the creeping addition of mars catching up with pluto the last couple of days of dec. '08.
I get a chill every time I run into it, since it looks like a planned setup in progress or 'moving in' of something which occurs right after the u.s. election and before the inauguration of the next 'president'. Call me paranoid but the next president has a 'mark' on him or her like a serious case of leeches caught while wading through a swamp.
There's an "intention" attached to the next president.
In addition, that inaugural chart is a weakened chart with the moon in it's very last degree of scorpio, mercury retrograde, etc..

It feels to me to be something else other than a false flag boom boom in the u.s. or a cancelled election.

Whatever it is, it seems a heavy-handed maneuver of power against the american people.

Can we come to your house? Please?

machathered said...

Hello, I have been reading your posts every now and then and would really like to meet you for a good old chinwag, as we say down here in norfolk.
I am in Glastonbury for Beltane, I'd be very happy to make a new friend. Just in case you want to check out my chart for inherant lunacy....heh heh
August 24th yes a virgo..ha ha...1962 at 16.45pm in great yarmouth
love, light & a hug
sue x

Pepper said...

This is a great topic. How do you think it will tie in with the upcoming US presidential election and Saturn/Uranus opposition. In light, Pepper

Dharmaruci said...

Sue, yes drop in, email me at