Saturday, August 15, 2009

I’ve just turfed up these notes from a Liz Greene seminar I was on probably about 5 years ago:

We are all subject to

Chiron’s pain in the face of life’s inequality and injustice;

Neptune’s yearning, arising from our vision of something eternal that was there before birth and awaits us after death;

Pluto’s realization of our ultimate powerlessness in the face of nature and the collective;

Saturn’s recognition of our aloneness, our separateness, our mortality and our ultimate insignificance in the chain of earthly life.

I don’t seem to have jotted down anything for Uranus. Any suggestions? How about:

We are all subject to Uranus’s sense of existential insecurity, that whatever certainties we have come to rely on can disintegrate without warning.

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Anonymous said...

thank u for these postings i enjoy your perspective and ponder these blogs.

Anonymous said...

(Say that too many times.) Everything's going nova in my chart and it's bloody well exhilirating - yes, I have been Freaking Out - but last night watched some Woodstock footage on youtube - 40yearsnallthat - I was 14goingon15 - and that chaotic energy is So Groovy! Way, as they say nowadays. I vote we revivify that lingo - I was telling some younguns last evg that we Actually Spoke Like That - and we all laughed in delight! There is sanity in absurdity. Uranus, Right On! Explode your Self! And check out Richie Havens singing 'Freedom' while you're going Nova - you might just experience a NEWYOU!

Jason said...

This is a great site that you have here. I've always been interested in astrology. I have a paranormal site myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible.

Camilo Augusto said...

Hmmm... good semantics for finding a homeopathic remedy, based on those aspects

Camilo Augusto said...
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Anonymous said...

Lately I have been praying to Uranus, "Make something good happen." The great thing about insecurity is that every once in awhile it does seem to rock the Goliath profit makers as well as us little cogs rolling around the world.

Kenna J said...

Great description of Uranus! Very nice.

I would say that we are also all subject to:

Chiron's compassion for those suffering something we have also suffered, even when our friends don't understand.

Neptune's delight in those moments when we let go of control.

Saturn's certitude of what must be done.

Pluto's rapture, or the feeling that we are in the hands of something much larger than ourselves and the awesomeness of this awareness.

Uranus's amazing, surprising fixes for parts in our lives that had seemed unbearably stuck.

Kenna J said...

Hey, Dharmaruci,

The year is more than half over. Have you discovered your life's mission yet?

Philip Levine said...

So, Mars opposed Pluto this week. And you said, "this is a good aspect for digging up underlying issues that have not been addressed, and which have allowed this false dawn to occur."

Well in here in the US there are only TWO stories on the news. Ted Kennedy has died, and they found marijuana in Michael Jackson's bedroom. Horrors!!

So unless the Mars-Pluto transit was all about MJ's mj, did you see any signs that this powerful transit was doing any actual work?