Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Western Negative Saturn

Saturn sets boundaries and limitations and pushes us to achieve, to become good at what we do and to gain recognition for it. Negatively, he fills us with thoughts of what we ought and should be doing, and makes us feel guilty for not measuring up. Well, he doesn’t in reality push us or make us do anything, but he does describe those positive qualities and dysfunctions within ourselves.

The guilt for not measuring up is endemic within our society; it’s what I call the western negative Saturn. You see it in America’s natal Sun square Saturn, and you see it in the Capricornian Sun of the UK, the EU and all those other countries and institutions that were founded on January 1st.

I regularly encounter it in readings, usually in the form of a conflict between what someone wants to do and ideas of career and achievement, which invariably turn out on examination to be someone else’s ideas and not their own. But it’s very powerful, it’s deep within the culture, which is why people find it so difficult when for some reason (usually a major transit!) they can’t keep going like they used to and can no longer ‘justify’ their life to themselves by being busy.

Being busy and working hard: those are the 2 great virtues of negative Saturn. So and so worked very hard for many years, so he is virtuous. No doubt many drug smugglers, gangsters and tyrants have ‘worked hard’ to get to where they’ve got to. And keeping busy and working hard are often an escape from guilt, from the miserable loser-ship of being idle or poor.

Negative Saturn divides society into winners and losers, judges on appearance and never looks beneath the surface to see what is of real value. It does not produce happiness, but it does produce a wealthy country, in which people can be relied on to keep working, keep busy and not to think. It is like the drug that the queen bee produces to keep the workers working and serving the needs of the hive. It is a brainwashing. It is the real conspiracy, except it is collective and unconscious.

It is easy to appeal to people’s sense of inadequacy. Christianity has a lot to answer for, with its notion of Original Sin, as does the Protestant Work Ethic (in East Asia you get the Confucian Work Ethic).

On a bad day, I notice this sense of ‘not measuring up’ as a sort of free floating element within me, and whatever I say to myself, however much I say but I do this and I do that and I’ve done this and I’ve done that, it’s still there. And I don’t think it’s personal, I think I’ve absorbed it from the culture, even though there is also a pronounced Saturn in the charts of my family background.

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Anonymous said...

so true and so insightful - thank you for articulating what i feel so completely - and i'm 62 and retired!!

Black Spruce essential oil in the bath also helps relieve the need to keep busy busy busy and doing doing doing.

glad you enjoyed the supermarket ;)


chantelle said...

Thank you so much for this! I have a very Saturnian chart and always feel guilty or "lazy" if I'm not working on something "useful" the entire time I'm awake. I will definitely have to try the pine essence!

handlessme said...

Thanks DM...I've been having a peculiarly Saturnean week - would be fab to think there was an answer! I love flower/tree essences - it's just finding the right one (or is that just more Saturn?)

Lynfa x

Kenna J said...

I don't really grasp Aquarius (which I suppose is natural!), but with your traditional ruler being Saturn, I'm sure it's not very easy to be one.

I have noticed that South Node Aquarius people tend to work too hard while perceiving themselves as lazy.

crazy moon said...

Thanks so much Darmarucci. It is a real relief. That's the real balm I needed right now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.
I totally recognize what you say about Saturn. I have Saturn in the 10th aspecting all but two of the other planets in my chart and I always feel guilty for not achieving and doing/being enough.
I am taking flower remedies, but I'm not sure wether they work for me. I think the connection between the essences and astrology could make it easier to choose the right ones, so I think I will try Pine next time:-)