Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fate of the Universe

The latest astronomical research shows that the universe will grow forever. So far, so good. It’s quite an interesting, even exciting idea. But then comes the sting. The researchers add that the universe will as a result become a ‘cold, dead wasteland.’ This got me down for a few days, until I realised that ‘cold, dead wasteland’ was a value judgement, masquerading as a fact, that the researchers had tagged on to their findings.

The research was conducted by measuring the bending of light around a vast cluster of galaxies in the constellation Virgo. There you have it. It would be Virgo, a sign known for its powers of mental analysis, but also for a tendency to be cold.

Describing something as cold and dead is an attribute we apply when our imaginations are not stirred. For a scientist, Mars or the Moon may be cold, dead places. For an astrologer, not so. We are imaginatively connected to these places, and we can sense their influence on our pulses.

It is the same with an infinitely expanding universe, populated by a sprinkling of matter. Is this not a return to some sort of primordial, cosmic consciousness, after the long experiment of life as we know it?

Uranus is currently conjoining Jupiter, an aspect that occurs every 13 or 14 years, and which is associated with major scientific advances. Knowing the fate of the universe is a major advance. But describing it as cold and dead is a symptom of the pathological left-brainedness of our culture, of Uranus at its worst.

As is the dismissal of astrology. I’ve sometimes said that I am sympathetic to those who dismiss astrology and the other divinatory arts, because there is no reason they should work. I’ve decided that I’m not sympathetic. Or at least, I’m only sympathetic in the way that I would be to the fantasies of someone who is mentally ill and who I am trying to help.

The human mind has a capacity to function symbolically and intuitively, that takes us to a place of deep connectedness to life. The left-brain, rational function does not give us knowledge, only theories. The right brain gives us knowledge, it gives us power as individual human beings.

Astrology calls forth this side of us. It is not based on evidence, it is about knowing, and it takes us to the knowing place, to the enchanted place. Our culture has forgotten this ancient and essential way of being human. That is why our culture is sick, and that is why those who dismiss astrology are merely exhibiting the symptoms of a collective illness.

It can seem extreme and contrary to talk about our culture in this way, but it is the case. And it includes those intelligent, reasonable, compassionate people who are yet brainwashed by the claims of scientific materialism.

I was watching an interview with CG Jung last night. It is part of a documentary on him called Matter of Heart which I’d highly recommend. It’s pricey, but the sort of thing you’ll watch again and again. Anyway, he was asked about what happens after death, and he said he didn’t know what happens, but that he had treated many elderly patients, and their unconscious, their dream life behaved as if death was not an end point, it behaved as though life was going to continue. This doesn’t prove that life continues after death, but what he said was that to live properly, you need to think along the lines of nature. So therefore as you get old you need to continue to treat life as an adventure that is going to continue forever, because that is how life itself behaves. Otherwise you will petrify.

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Palden Jenkins said...

Hmmm... Of course, the 'grow forever' hypothesis is consistent with the Western cultural viewpoint - as in financial markets. A bit like 'survival of the fittest'. So we might be looking at a hypothesis with a limited life-span?! What will our dear scientistic high priests come up with next? Perhaps proof that modern people indeed are the pinnacle of human evolution. Now that would be assuring. People say 'God only knows', and this might be more true than users of this oft-used statement mean. But then, 'God' is also a human concept which I'm sure God has a periodic chuckle about - perhaps that's the cause of earthquakes? - or, as Mr Lennon once said, 'God is a concept by which we measure our pain'. Whatever, before the universe gets too cold and dead, we perhaps need to examine whether and how much development, growth and inflation lead to hubris, otherwise there could be a risk that the next world superpower is run by Afghans or Somalis. (Sorry, just being facetious!). Palden.

Kenna J said...

A psychotherapist pointed out to me recently that babies are ONLY right-brained. Left-brained-ness is a skill learned over time. How, then, it comes to believe that it is superior to right-brained-ness is a mystery.

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Astrologer said...

Paledan what makes u think that Hypothesis is consistent with wsterna culuter, dont seem to agree with you