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Uranus-Pluto Part 4 of 8: Uranus and the Euro

So time for something on the nature of the change that Uranus brings about. I think the basic principle with Uranus is creativity. He is not as far out as Pluto, so though his change can be far-reaching, it’s less likely to be as fundamental as Pluto change. In recent years Uranus transits have followed soon after Pluto transits as these 2 planets have been approaching a square, so that you could get some major creative change from a Uranus transit, but the ground for it would have been prepared by Pluto.

Pluto as god of the underworld in a way pulls us down to what is authentic, what is real. Uranus is a sky god and he opens up possibilities. He points to an aspect of life that is quite mysterious. It’s like you put two elements together and out of that a 3rd element arises that is more than just the sum of the first 2. It’s the same as a person being born. They share the characteristics of both their parents, but there’s something else there that you couldn’t have predicted that is unique to them. Where it came from you can’t say. And it’s the same with people generally. Someone does something and you think you know why they did it, but when you talk to them it’s always different, there’s some reasoning or other factor going on that you wouldn’t have thought of. So Uranus is this uniqueness, this wouldn’t-have-thought-it-ness, this pointer to the fact that we are alive and not mechanical. As I said earlier, he is the difference between inanimate matter and matter that is alive. By the way, I don’t mean dead matter, I don’t think matter is dead, I just mean not alive in the biological sense.

So Uranus reminds us that people and collectives are alive. Saturn’s Laws and Rules can be useful, but we can’t be reduced to those laws or to any theory. There’s always something that’s going to happen that is outside of those laws. Not necessarily wilfully, but because there is life there. Life cannot be defined and people cannot be defined. Uranus’ creativity and his disruptiveness when life gets too defined point to this.
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In the same way his creativity cannot be defined. That is why he is said to be unpredictable. Life is always trying to re-arrange itself into some new form. And I think the issue of value and authenticity comes in again. A Uranus change, that isn’t just the disruption brought about by resistance, is in the direction of something that we value, that gives life meaning. Like Pluto, he is a god of necessity, because life is not life unless it is continually re-inventing itself, you can’t get away from it without suffering and inauthenticity.

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So let’s try and apply him to the Euro. In the chart for the Maastricht Treaty, Uranus rules the Sun, and he is conjunct the planet of wealth, Venus, as well as the 3rd outer planet, Neptune. So he is powerful in the chart, giving the necessary creativity to bring this complex project to fruition 8 years later.

But then when we get to the launch of the Euro, Uranus is not very powerful in the chart, and nor is Pluto. They are sextile each other, and that is it. They are weak. And look at the Angles, the worst possible Angles for the beginning of a project, the final degree of the mutables. A great chart for ending something, but the worst kind of chart for starting something. The Iraq War was like this: it had mutable Angles, and the Sun in the last degree of Pisces. It was a mess that took America a long time to extricate itself from. And the chart for the Euro also suggests a mess that Europe will take a long time to extricate itself from. Not only are the angles as mutable as they could get, but the life force of Pluto, and the creativity of Uranus, which informed the original decision to create the Euro, are hardly present. It’s like they got it right to start with, but somewhere along the road they lost their way.

And now we have Pluto by transit conjoining the Euro Sun and Uranus squaring it. Uranus has actually been hard aspecting The Euro chart for a few years now because he was on the Angles a couple of years ago. He’s going to be intensifying over the next few months as he moves up to almost square the Sun.

I’d say there is both creativity and resistance going on. Creativity in the sense that Europe has gone OK, we’ll go for the greater political union that is necessary for the union to work.
And resistance in the sense that Europe is hanging onto Greece under the old paradigm, doing its best to insist on certain budgetary measures while leaving Greece sovereign to make its own economic decisions. We know that doesn’t work.

So if Europe really is serious about greater political union, then Uranus will be injecting creativity into that project, both this year and next year, when the square is exact. If Europe doesn’t really mean it, then Uranus and Pluto will expose that. Each country has a lot of soul-searching to do that is going to take some years.

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If we look at the 3 largest economies, Germany, France and the UK, they all have Uranus and Pluto hard aspecting their Suns in the coming years. The Sun is the leadership but also the inner goals of the country, who it wants to be. That is the soul-searching. So I think that is very clear.

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The next 2 largest economies, Spain and Italy, both have debt problems hanging over them, which are overshadowed by Greece just now, but they will inevitably return when the next repayments are due. And what we see there is not Uranus-Pluto hard aspecting the Suns.

In Italy we see Neptune opposing the MC, and in Spain Neptune concluding a square to the Sun. This suggests something more like dissolution. Deciding who they want to be is maybe a luxury for them, it sounds more like being carried along by events.

Spain will also have Uranus-Pluto hard-aspecting its Moon, the people, which Greece is in the thick of:

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There’s the people of Greece, the Moon, at 4 Libra, conjunct natal Pluto. I’ll be saying more about Greece a bit later, but you can see the potential for suffering, for disempowerment, in that. And it could be that the Spanish people, where there is Moon square Pluto, also have a very hard time coming up in the next few years.

So if we go back to the charts of the Euro and France, Germany and the UK, then Uranus is going to be making the old paradigm increasingly unstable over the next few years. Uranus is always trying to breathe in new life, and the effect of that on a situation that has outlived its use is disruption, breaking apart. It’s like the shell of an egg when a bird is ready to hatch, the new life breaks it apart.

And what we have of course is not just Pluto and Uranus separately, but together. They do overlap in some ways, but the main emphasis, to use the egg analogy, is Pluto as the growing life within the shell, and Pluto growth is often unseen, at least in its early stages. And Uranus as the breaking of the shell and opening up a new way of life for the chick.

So together Uranus and Pluto offer a more complete model for change. You have both the Plutonian push and dissolution and the Uranian creativity operating in tandem. And because they are square they are dynamic and more able to overcome resistance.

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Magic Dragon said...

Hi, Interesting as all the post on the subject have been. Glad you are sharing all these with everyone.
Your writing and explanations are clear and well woven. Cheers!

Sara said...

Your address of this subject is more enlightening than I had hoped it would be, and considerably more clear and straightforward than other people trying to say the same things.
I'm looking forward to the remaining parts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit slow digesting this although it's awesome. I have Pluto and Uranus in late degrees of mutable Virgo. Maybe this is what makes me feel like I've lived my life backwards. Jenni-omg