Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moon and Venus in Cancer

My router is bust so I’m offline and I’m going to post this at the local library in Exeter. That also means no pics or charts.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we have Moon and Venus in Cancer. Excellent time for nourishing yourself, buying things you’ve denied yourself but which you can afford, doing those creative things – in my case writing an astroblog – which can get squeezed out. The Moon is what you feel on a basic level, what you need to be OK, Venus is valuing that, and Cancer is taking care of that, nourishing it.

Venus is square Uranus and opposite Pluto, and the Moon has been passing across that t-square. So it’s a very good time for unearthing your feelings (Pluto), making them conscious (Uranus) and transforming them (Pluto) by being nice to yourself!

It’s the Sun, the Hero, that gets most of the attention in our culture, particularly I think in the USA, where it is sacred to die a hero, and it can seem like most films are about heroes. But it can also be a way of avoiding oneself. It gets very hard and superficial.

This is where we need the Moon, who needs to be given equal weight to the Sun. The Moon is hidden, she is personal, she does not make the big noise that the Sun makes. The present planetary ecological crisis is, you could say, an externalisation of a Sun-Moon imbalance within individuals.
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The one-sided Moon is childish and timid. The Sun and the Moon need each other. On their own they cannot live fruitfully. The Sun may have the brilliant ideas and the drive, but the Moon knows how to go about things, how to make sure everything feels right before we do something, how to be patient, how to ensure everyone – including oneself – is taken care of.

I think on an inner level the feminine needs to be the leader. And maybe on an outer level too. Dangerous territory. In our culture you’re not allowed to generalise about men and women unless the women are favoured. The women leaders we get are usually trying to be like men, and that’s not what I mean. Maybe Angela Merkel, Germany’s leader, has something of it. With Sun in Moon-ruled Cancer, she is trying to hold Europe together while keeping her own people happy. She doesn’t swashbuckle, she doesn’t make displays of power like Margaret Thatcher did.
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