Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Obama Was Always Going to Win

Below is a piece I published in January this year giving the reasons I thought Obama would win this year's Presidential election. I still hold to them. They can be summed up as (1) the guy with the charisma always wins (2) a sitting leader elected under major transits tends to stay in power until those transits are finished.
It’s starting to seem a foregone conclusion that Barack Obama will win this year’s Presidential election. Not because he has been spectacularly good, but because the Republicans haven’t got a candidate they can unite behind, and the primaries have started. Obama is not just a sitting President, he is also a superb showman, a vital quality in modern politics.

You can usually tell well in advance who is going to win an election: it’s the one with the charisma, the showmanship, the one who can make the crowds go woo! That was why George W Bush won 2 elections, and Bill Clinton, and Reagan, and Tony Blair and Silvio Berlusconi. I don’t know if France’s Sarkozy has enough of it: he tries a bit too hard to be sexy, and it doesn’t work like that. So he may not be re-elected. President Putin also tries a bit too hard, and he is looking set for a downfall.

A lot of people seemed not to agree that George Bush had charisma because they thought he was a bad lot. But charisma is not a virtue or a vice in itself: it is just an attractiveness that inspires a following. You didn’t need to like or agree with George Bush to see that he had the ability to connect emotionally with certain types of people. Making a folksy virtue of his own ignorance was part of that appeal. And that was why his father did not get a second term: he did not have what he called ‘the vision thing’. The same with Gordon Brown in the UK.

The outcome of leadership elections is often that simple. Sometimes substance wins the day, when there is enough of it. Angela Merkel of Germany has looked like one of them from the start.
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In the 2008 US election, the North Node at 13 Aquarius had crossed Obama’s Ascendant 2 months earlier, and opposed his natal Node in March that year. In the 2012 election, the North Node in Scorpio will have crossed Obama’s MC and squared his natal Node 2 months earlier. So there is continuity of themes there, as well as in the Neptune transits: he was elected under Neptune conjoining his Ascendant, it went on to square his MC and is now in the early stages of squaring his Gemini Moon.

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What I have noticed with leaders is that they are usually elected under hard outer planet transits, and they stay in power until those transits end. Tony Blair, for example, won his first election in 1997 with Neptune conjoining his MC. Neptune went on to hard aspect his natal North Node and then his Moon-Sun-Pluto t-square. When it was done, Tony Blair left power. Neptune put him there and kept him there, just as Pluto put Margaret Thatcher there and kept her there till he’d finished transiting her chart.

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So Obama is likely to stay in power until Neptune has finished with him, which will be well into his second term. With the Nodal emphasis at the election shifting from his Asc to his MC, he will need to make his appeal less personal (Asc) and more based on his achievements in office (MC) to win the 2nd term, which is what you’d expect.

On a grimmer note, Obama will need to be careful from summer 2012 onwards as Uranus in Aries comes up to trine his Leo Sun. Presidents Kennedy, McKinley and Lincoln were all assassinated under Uranus transits to their Suns, as were Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Moreover, Obama was inaugurated under a Void Moon: as I showed in my piece on 21 Jan 2009 and then again on 29 Jan 2009, Void Moons have historically been associated with major disruption to the Presidency.

For this year, Uranus only comes to within 4 degrees of trining Obama’s Sun, so it is may be too soon to worry. On the other hand, with this Presidency being Void Moon, and with Uranus exactly squaring Pluto this year, we are likely to see extremism and major incidents that change the course of events in the world. I think it would be bad for the world if Obama was assassinated. I’m not predicting it, and it feels like bad taste to even say it. But it is astrologically possible over the next 2 years, so if there are any astrologers left in the White House, please take note!

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Gemini and Ichiro said...

I find your analysis interesting. I keep reading astrologers that are predicting that Romney will win. They talk about the Mercury station on election day (suggesting that the outcome is not known right away) and then they talk about the candidates' charts on inauguration day, which I believe offers Romney a potential boost.

You appear to be taking a longer view of trends in what happens. I hope you're right--but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of Obama being assasinated until now. He is just too nice! But hey, wasn't Kennedy also? I hope with all my heart nothing happens. Wouldn't a trine form Uranus be a bit too easy? Fortunately Pluto has not transited his 12th house ...yet. Unknown enemy.

Sara said...

Ray Merriman (MMA Cycles Weekly Preview 10-1-2012) has predicted several possibilities, all due to the elections being held on Nov. 6 the day that Mercury goes retro-grade:
Reports of election fraud, voting irregularities, conspiracy theories for the three weeks after the elections, as Neptune goes stationary on Nov.10-11.
He offers several possiblities as a result:

1) Romney wins; violence and riots break out, the voting results are not accepted, calls for a new election get underway.

2) Obama wins. No riots immediately, but calls for his impeachment start as the US faces the prospect of another war, while Israel and Iran start theirs, and Obama refuses to take sides.

3) Election results are put on hold as war breaks out in the Middle East. No winner is declared for an indefinite period; calls for Obama's removal escalate and he withdraws from the public eye.

4) Obama wins. The Republicans maintain a hold on the House and win the Senate, and we revisit the same issues of the last 4 years while gridlock continues.

Those predictions were made without accounting for influence of a VOC moon, but there is something in your statistics that shows a disturbing relevance to Merriman's forecasts.

Twilight said...

I think Obama will retain the presidency too - not for astrological reasons, just a feeling that he's the one those who really run the show want to keep in the WH for 4 more years. ("If voting mattered it'd be illegal")

But regarding the possibility of some kind of disruption, should the Prez indeed remain in the White House, maybe the fact that (as a commenter pointed out on my blog the other day)
Joe Biden, VP, has some Saturn transits to a bunch of personal Scorpio planets coming up 2014. Hmmmm.
Could relate to something personal of course, or could be both.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy "tries hard to be sexy"!! You continue to provide interesting insights, combined with eccentricities so far out there, that they end up discrediting you.

Anonymous said...

And what if Obama gets re-elected? He'll then be sworn in again, you realize this, right? So does the VOC moon still apply? Why not learn a little more about the American presidency, instead of just blindly critique-ing? Here's a great opportunity.

Kenna J said...

Great, Dharmaruci!

As always, your reasoning is sound. I'm convinced by your Neptune transit argument.

However, I also agree with you that there is absolutely every reason for Obama to get assassinated. As soon as he makes a real difference, he will be. Sad but true in my homeland USA. That's pretty much how you can tell you're making a difference here-- you've got a bullet in your ribs or your private plane is crashing. I was devastated when congressman Anthony Weiner resigned, until I recognized that his other option was to eventually be assassinated.

I don't know how much press this is getting in the UK (because it certainly isn't getting much here), but our elections are being fixed. It started with Jeb Bush in Florida, then went big-time with George W Bush for the presidency. This time, not only are all the old fixing tricks in play, they've also made a rule that you can't vote unless you can prove your place of residence when you arrive at the voting site. This rule will exclude millions of people, mostly minorities. Worse, the word on the street is that you can't vote without a picture ID (not true), so people who could have voted with two utility bills in hand won't even show up.

This is heartbreaking to me. I mean, there isn't even much of a pretense of democracy here anymore.

HOWEVER, I would much rather that Obama experience a behind-the-scenes, election-day only "assassination" rather than the real thing! Let Uranus fix the polls to do away with his sun, rather than truly extinguishing it.

I suspect that the people who do such assassinating would prefer this option, too, since Obama's outright assassination would create such emotional devastation in the land that the various structures they count on to keep us obeying them may not work anymore.