Monday, November 26, 2012

Uranians and Chironians

All creativity seems to grind to a halt when I have paperwork to do. That doesn’t mean I do the paperwork. No, it means that I sit there with it hanging over me feeling like I’m in glue. But it’s actually quite simple once I get round to it, and then life begins again. Like today!

Mercury is stationing in Scorpio. Time for some deep thought. That was the name of the computer in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Deep Thought. He probably had Mercury in Scorpio. Trine to Jupiter, because he had a sense of humour, with that business about the meaning of everything being 42. But as he said, it’s about asking the right question.

I’m not sure what deep means, anyway. Maybe it sometimes just means you don’t really know what you’re talking about, so you chuck in the word deep to fill the significance gap. “We have a deep connection.” Oh yeh? Meaning you have a deep need to be mothered, and your girl has a deep fear of confident men? Nothing wrong with that, it’s quite normal, we’ve all been there in one way or another. And one day you won’t need that anymore and it’ll all be over. Wonderful. How else would you have sorted yourself? You might even remain friends.

I’m in the mood to defend Aquarians and Uranians from the charge of being weirdos, oddbods, eccentrics, mavericks. And then worse, believing it ourselves. I admit it, sometimes we are cranky.

But often, it is simply that we are being ourselves, we are being natural, while other people are cutting off bits of themselves in order to seem like everyone else. So it is the natural people who get called eccentric, and the people who pretend to themselves they only have one leg instead of two, or 5 senses instead of 12, that get called normal.

I don’t think Aquarians (for that also read Uranians) are essentially outsiders, though they get put in that camp. No, we have an intense need to be connected to people – in our own airy way – to have lots of different friends. It’s just that we always have a take, an angle, a disruptive presence even, that is about moving things on, getting them to work better. So that can make us seem like outsiders, particularly if say we have challenging aspects from Uranus: that means we can have difficulty integrating that creative, awakening impulse into a regular social situation. But our instincts remain deeply social, and it is hard on us not to be in the thick of it, in our own way, of course.

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I think the real outsiders are arguably the Chiron types. Aquarians can do normal if they want to, if they notice it. Unless they are challenged by Uranus, in which case they can feel that even to appear normal is to sacrifice their individuality, their magic. This is something that Aquarians often need to get over, because if you can’t do normal, then your brilliance ain’t much use to anyone. And you’ll never quite land on the planet, your life won’t be fully real.

Chiron types can be kind of the opposite. While the Aquarian is busy doing his or her best to show they are not normal, the Chiron type is doing his or her best to ‘do’ normal and it just won’t work.

I have Sun conjunct Chiron in Aquarius, so I belong in both camps.

The reason it won’t work for the Chiron type is that Chiron is like a fissure deep underground through the which the outer planets are always pushing upwards. If you listen to the outer planets, then it can work. If you have Venus conjunct Chiron, then pay attention to any outer planet influences on your Venus. If you don’t, and you try to do relationships ‘normally’, you can spend 30 years with nothing working out. And maybe that applies to the Sun and Moon as well, because they get involved when a relationship becomes long-term.

And in paying attention to the outer planets you have to try to stop trying to make anything happen and just go with that other influence and trust in it. Stop wilfully going for what you want, or think you want, which can be very difficult; it can feel like a sacrifice (another Chiron theme) but actually it’s not, because I think personal fulfilment always comes with the outer planets, but not in the way you’d expected, in fact there’s usually a lot more going on than you could have thought of.

I don’t think Chiron types are really outsiders. I don’t think anyone should feel like that. I think they probably often need someone who’ll point out their gifts to them and encourage them to get on with it.

Maybe it’s to do with what we have a place for in our society. I really appreciate the fact that I am free to think and live pretty much how I want. I think that is historically very rare, and worth cherishing. Many people love to bash government as an authoritarian conspiratorial monster, but let’s not forget those freedoms. They may not be there in 50 years. And the invasion of privacy thing: imagine what it must have been like living in a village, which most people did 100 years ago. Everyone would have known all your business. I’d much rather have it as it is now, however much information the government may have on me through Facebook and Google.

So I’m free to practise as an astrologer and to broadcast my views across the world on the internet, and I do that. But that is not the same as there being a place for astrologers. There is a lot of cultural derision directed towards astrologers, homeopaths, psychics and so on. Anything that requires the use of intuitive gifts. In other societies, even though they might have been more conformist in some ways, there would often have been a recognised place for people with those gifts.

So that is why I think it can be difficult, because inwardly we don’t properly value those gifts, even though we are up to a point free to use them. And we don’t properly value them because we have the establishment poo pooing them. The laws by and large don’t stop us. It is the weight of collective opinion almost as a psychic force. That can take many years to fight off, but it makes us the stronger for it, we don’t need a label like ‘witch doctor’ to value ourselves.

And this is something that Chiron types and Aquarians, each in their own way, seem particularly called upon to do.

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Anonymous said...

The anual awarding of prizes among the British astrological establishment may be a substitute for recognition by society (Uranus) but then how does one explain the Oscars? Movie stars with lots of recognition but still needing to win prizes and approval. Perhaps the "Leo" side can never get enough recognition?

Christina said...

Hooray for Aquarians and Chironauts. May we all meet together at the great astrological smorgasbord in the ether and exchange slightly odd (but strangely pertinent) views.

All that prize exchanging could be quite Aquarian. It establishes you as part of the group, that's an Aquarian need. Also it is tribute to the ancient gods of PR and marketing.

Just limping of to Chironeurotically polish my crystal cave.

Anonymous said...

I have natal Chiron in Aquarius opposed Uranus in Leo. "we each need to find our own integrity, our own value, and hang onto it." Spot on with that!

CosmicMummy said...

Lovely to see you back, it felf like you had dropped off the planet for a while, I assumed you had popped back into your cave. My 4 year old daughter yesterday read my mind right in the queue at a coffee shop, while APIwas mentally marvelling at the ingredients of the soft drinks, rose petal in one, lemon with a twist of orange blossom in another. She said (and she's not reading words yet) "Did you choose one of those flower drinks? The rose or the orange?" I recounted this starry to my rather conservative Capricorn Moon (among other things) husband who said I must have been muttering and tried to scientifically rationalise the event. Pffft!

Kenna J said...

I didn't remember that you have Chiron and Sun conjunct. :-) I do, too.

I think Aquarians get cranky when they forget that their job is transpersonal. They start thinking about *personal* gain or loss and then totally lose the point.

Unknown said...

Hi, as other have said, glad you are back posting. In order to avoid your creativity gaps I suggest you just burn all paper work and get on with what is of true value! (Well, maybe a bit radical).
Liked very much this post, we are so similar in many ways and could relate and discover (rediscover?) a lot of traits mentioned. No wonder an Aquarian and with Chiron's string influence in my chart.
Thanks for the light,

Sara said...

You always make things so much clearer than other people do, things that tell us who we are and why we do some of the sometimes silly things we do. And that, depending on the person, may take a LONG time to become clear, to manifest itself.