Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sun-Pluto and the Gospel of St Thomas

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." 

That is Saying No 70 from the Gospel of St Thomas. 

It sounds to me like Sun in hard aspect to Pluto. With Sun and Pluto, you have 2 very different principles at work. The Sun is reaching upwards towards the light, towards individual unfoldment. It is conscious, ‘civilised’. Pluto represents a call from the primordial collective consciousness, from the raw, undifferentiated power of nature. It is the Sun that needs to learn to understand and honour Pluto, and this can take many years.

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The Sun pushes forward into the light, and Pluto keeps pulling it back, saying you are incomplete. You have this nagging feeling of disempowerment that keeps you awake at night that you cannot shake off. In some ways you have the power of Pluto, you have a strong confident presence. But there is this hidden tormented side to you that contains your true power, and you maybe project it onto lovers or parents or bosses or teachers and see them as having power over you, but eventually you have to go within and claim it or it will keep eating at you.

You may even experience it as a curse, an affliction that runs through the family that has also got you, but if you are reading this, you are probably the one with the strength to make it conscious and claim the gifts buried deep within it.

So with Sun-Pluto you can’t just jog along and hope to get away with it. You have powers within you that life is pushing you to claim, and Pluto has this horrible way of trampling you down until one day you go no more and at last you stand up.

And in claiming that gift, and your independence with it, self-doubt is your companion. It is a fire you have to go through, and keep going through, because you are putting your deepest self, your soul if you like, into the world. 

And others recognise that, they respond to that. People long for that authenticity that Pluto gives. And people who want to live by the rules – well, they might admire you from a distance, they might even dip their toes in your waters now and then, but you are not safe, you can’t be predicted, because Pluto rather than Saturn is your master. Your recognition has to come from within.

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Susyc said...

Tell me how you know my life story again? So true all of it. Reclaiming my power has made many people uncomfortable including myself. But there would have been no real life without making that commitment to myself.

Doreen said...

Amazing. I've been reading and studying the Gospel of Thomas recently and didn't even dare to hope to find this readily any kind of deep astrological correlation to any of the logions. I've known quite a few women born in the 1940's with a Scorpio Sun square Pluto, and often Chiron as well, and so many of them seem so overwhelmed by and disempowered by the men in their live and unable to extricate themselves.

Darlene in Canada said...

Hi! My Sun is the filling of a sandwich with Uranus and Pluto conjunct on either side. The discussion you offered about Sun-Pluto speaks to me about the journey inward to discover and bring forth that which is within. no matter whether I fail or success I have to live by that inner truth. People surely resonate to the authenticity and some are spooked by it at the same time. So supportive to read these processes written by another who knows not a thing about me. Thank you.

Sara said...

Oh, man! My sun's in Aquarius opposite my Ascendant Pluto in Leo.

How did you know???? I waited my whole life to do what I'm doing now, and you just told me I'm heading in the right direction, willy-nilly. It's a rough road, but I don't care. I've signed on for the long haul.

Holy cow.

Imogen said...

And I'm another one - was completely astonished to read your post as I'm doing a particular battling with my Sun/Pluto/South Node conjunction (in the 8th!what fun!). It returns to pester me at various intervals in my life, like right now.

Many thanks - very helpful to see it written down - exactly how it feels for me.


Anonymous said...

As a sun conjunct pluto person this struggle has been lifelong and it seems quite lonely as if I'm in a sorcerer's bubble. Your post has enlightened me to the next level beyond Donna Cunningham's works. Thank you very much.

Magic Dragon said...

Excellent Post. It must come from deep personal reflection and it has the power to touch on the collective expressing what is true for so many.
Good connection that reveals a path, a method.

Anonymous said...

Sun opp Pluto here. Yes to all of this!

Anonymous said...

Deeply insightful and motivating. Thank You! You spur me on to continue on with my evolving journey...


myr lock said...

Sun opposite pluto here. Spot on with your description of the energy one has to contend with : )

Anonymous said...

That tricky Pluto-Uranus square in Cap-Aries is playing real havoc with my natal Sun/Libra right now. Your post is bth timely and insightful, many thanks.

clarelhdm said...

I've thought about this post since I read it, and wanted to respond but wasn't quite sure how to. Reading it again today, I actually feel somewhat more in sinc with it...anyhow. What I felt compelled to say is that there is a cost to dealing with Pluto, as many others who have commented have written. Pluto is con my IC and sq my Mars (rising in Gemini, con Taurus asc). Walking with Pluto all my life has taken its toll. There have been decades of dealing with survival issues, my personal life has suffered, as has my career, and creative life, and my health. When I was younger I hoped that I would eventually get 'out from under' so to speak, but as time went on, in many respects my life has taken on a Plutonian shape...quite solitary, unseen in many respects, true to myself but with little outside reward. Without doubt my solar energy (Libra) has suffered. I couldn't have lived any other way, but it is not the life I would have chosen. One part of what you write I do find very difficult... I actually don't think many people out there crave the authenticity of Pluto. As many others have commented and experienced, I find people tend to stay away from Plutonian types, or we are the brunt of jealousy or suspicion. I don't think it's all projection. In a world based on illusions and 'fitting in', the Plutonian individual walks a strange and alien path. I think much written about Pluto in astro literature refers to transits experienced by those who lives are generally not so linked to the underworld... when you have heavy natal aspects and then add transits on top of that, you get quite a different flavour, and the wonderful 'transformative' Pluto energies that these authors write about are somewhat more elusive. I suspect that those who aren't so Plutonian actually have quite a different experience of life. I look forward to my progressed sun finally leaving Scorpio in under a year...I have a feeling that I might actually get to experience 'living' for a while, rather than just surviving. Thanks for your great blog, excellent forum.

Dharmaruci said...

Thanks for that, that was a hell of a piece. Could I put it in a separate blog some time so others get to read it? And have you got an email address or FB (I'm at

Cecil said...

Coincidences abound. I've been reading about Taillard de Chardin in the last week too! and Rupert Sheldrake's great book 'The Science Delusion'. I agree very much that the Soul needs to be bought back into the world. In reality I think it is always there but we are bombarded by a culture that has subscibed to an overly anallytical, reductionist, materialist approah to life. Maybe this is why the destruction of traditional and natural environments is so prevalent? It is very hard even to talk about Soul with many people. In fact, the outrage is that you are now breaking a powerful social taboo if you do talk this way and according to Sheldrake, nowhere moreso than in scientific communities. I don't consider myself to be mad or unintelligent but, for example, why should I feel anxious about saying that I'm sure the Sun is conscious? And I do really believe this, amongst other things. I'm sure that on some level the Sun is not just a ball of gas heating one side of our planet but is a great being with considerable conscious intention. This is because the Sun spoke to me in a dream and told me as much,saying 'You don't think all this (gesturing at Earth and the Solar System) happened by accident, do you?' So I risk being thought of as possibly schizophrenic and that is what one is up against today. Total lockdown on greter imagination. I love reading your blogs.