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Prince George, the Royal Family and the British

‘Woman has Baby’ screamed the front page of Private Eye, England’s leading satirical magazine. We are all absolutely delighted, Americans included, that the 2nd in line to the British throne has produced a 3rd in line.

Prince George has Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in

Capricorn, both in an applying t-square to Saturn in Scorpio. And Scorpio Rising. A bit like his Mum, who has Sun in Capricorn opposite Moon in Cancer in a t-square with Saturn and Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. What sort of guy will he be when he’s grown up? Certainly conservative (Saturn, Cancer, Capricorn), with a strong sense of family and tradition. And private. 

But that does not mean not public. You can feel comfortable in public while remaining a private person. And if he is anything like his mother, who has pole-vaulted herself to power (Sun in Cap square Saturn-Pluto), then he will be a force to be reckoned with.

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It’s hard to know how it will play out. Certainly with that square from the Sun and Moon to Saturn, he will feel the weight of expectation on him. And he will also feel that from within: a need to work hard and, most importantly, make his mark. But not in a rebellious, Uranian way.

We don’t know the strength of his personality. There seems to me to be a line within the royal family that doesn’t have much force. His great great grandfather George VI, his great Uncles Andrew and Edward, and even his father William. The chart does not necessarily tell you this (though they all have a strong Pisces/Neptune influence). William has Sun and Moon in Cancer in the 7th. So he will live his life through his wife and family, nothing wrong with that, but Kate seems to be the one with the force of personality.

So we know that George will be naturally conservative and traditional, what we can’t yet know is whether he will be dampened by the expectations placed on him, or whether he will use them to come out fighting, to make something of himself, like his grandfather Charles has done. He does not, however, have the Neptune/Pisces influence that the more retiring members of the family have, suggesting he may be a fighter. But, with Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, women will 'see him coming', and he could end up idealising a woman who doesn't merit it.To start with, at any rate.

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Many Britons and Americans do not want Charles to be king, they want William. That is understandable in a celebrity sense. William has youth on his side, he is Diana’s son, and he doesn’t have Charles’ odd mannerisms.

But Charles has substance, he has struggled with his natal Sun in Scorpio square Pluto, and overcome what seems to be the old-fashioned bullying of his father, who has Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini square to Saturn. I don’t always agree with Charles, particularly over architecture, but he is his own man.

William may surprise us, you never know with people, but with his Sun and Moon also being opposite Neptune, he may be happy to swim along, being whoever people want him to be.

George has a pronounced Mars – conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, opposite Pluto and forming a t-square with Uranus. His father and uncle both joined the army (as you do) and have Sun square Mars. George's Mars suggests that while he will want to stand up for his country (Mars in Cancer), he may take an unusual route (Uranus). Mars in Cancer is perfect for an eco-warrior, for example. Charles also has Mars conjunct Jupiter in hard aspect to Uranus, and he has had to fight (Mars) for his unorthodox (Uranus) beliefs (Jupiter). Charles has Mars in Sag, which works well, but George's is in Cancer, where Mars is in its Fall, so it could be tougher for him.

So we may be seeing something similar to Charles here: a conservative, even old-fashioned personality, but at the same time with some quite individual beliefs that he is prepared to fight for. The opposition from Mars to Pluto suggests this will be a struggle and an important growing point for George. With Pluto ruling/dispositing his Scorpio Asc and Saturn, it may be this Mars struggle that is the making of him. Pluto may cause him to feel that his very psychological survival depends on it.

Another possibility with Uranus square Mars is that George will be gay. Now that would be a problem for the Royal Family! And for George. And with Mars-Jupiter, promiscuous. 

George has the Sun sign of his father’s Sun and the Moon sign of his mother’s Sun, so there may be a fairly textbook sort of inheritance here. The Sun is more visible, and what we may see is William’s gentle, family based character. But within he will feel the inadequacy of the Moon in Capricorn, that has strong expectations from his mother.

It’s a sort of double-whammy. There are the expectations of the male line (Sun square Saturn) which are institutional, deeply embedded, they don’t come from William’s personality.

And then there are the expectations of the female line (Moon square Saturn), and they are more personal. Kate comes from a very ambitious family, and she is very ambitious herself. Her Dad owns a mail order business, he is an ordinary small businessman, but that is not enough for him. He has created a family coat of arms, and Kate’s sister was dating a Duke’s son before Kate was with William. Kate just happened to go to this obscure Scottish university that no English person ever goes to, at the same time that William did, and when William’s previous relationship finished, so, magically, did hers. Now that is hard and calculating, but by the same token I think she will make a good queen, a good public figure. But I wouldn’t want to live with her.

Louis, the King of the Swingers
So poor old George has all that to contend with in his Moon in Capricorn square to Saturn, and the trouble with being a royal is that you are already top of the tree, there is nowhere for Saturn to go! Unless you do what Charles has done. And he, to his credit, is ‘notorious’ for pestering government ministers with suggestions and ‘What are you going to do about that?’ sort of thing.

Now conservative as Cancer and Capricorn may be, they are also Cardinal signs, they like to take action, they like to initiate (unless, like William, they are in the 7th House opposite Neptune: he will live that side of himself through his wife.) They bring about change, but not in a revolutionary Aquarian way. In the case of Cancer and Capricorn, they work within the tradition and develop it.

And with William and George, we see both Sun and Moon in Cardinal signs, whereas Charles (Scorpio-Leo) and Elizabeth II (Taurus-Leo) both have Sun and Moon in fixed signs.

So this is a sea change from Fixed to Cardinal that we are seeing, as well as a move away from the classic royal sign of Leo (which is also Philip’s Moon.) This change, I think, was initiated by Cancerian Diana.

More than most, members of the royal family have a collective rather than an individual existence: the latter is discouraged. So we should expect to see currents in the collective more than usually strongly represented in their charts. And look at the UK Chart: Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer. Same as Kate, other way round to George. That is the close involvement with the collective.

And Cardinal Signs have to take action, like Diana did, rather than just endure, like the fixed Queen and Charles do (Charles has created a niche, but still within an overall traditional status quo).

So William and George will be continuing the process of change begun by Diana, bringing the Royal Family into the modern age. William is doing this already by virtue of marrying a ‘commoner’, and it may continue to be through his wife, rather than off his own bat, that the change continues.

I’m not, incidentally, saying that all this is a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just what is happening, in the same way that I am not saying that the Royal Family itself is a good or a bad thing. It’s not really to my taste, but it seems basic to the human collective that they need someone on a pedestal, whether it is Stalin or Angelina Jolie or Prince William, and we could do worse than the rather dull British Royal Family. The British deal with it by putting them up there and then giving them no power, and the Americans have emulated this by doing the same, or nearly the same, with their Presidents.

Prince William was born on an eclipse, and Bernadette Brady has said that this eclipse was part of a series that arguably began about the time the English monarchy began, back in the Dark Ages. And this eclipse series is due to end around 2030, when William will probably be king.

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So the end of this eclipse series suggests some sort of ending for the British Monarchy. I don’t think society is moving in an egalitarian direction, I’m not sure societies ever have, it is natural to people to look up and to look down and to want to move up the scale. The Monarchy is very popular. So I think it will be some sort of reinvention of itself, a new treetop that suits the society we will have become, and George with his Cardinal Sun and Moon will, along with William, be taking the steps necessary for this to happen. And that may be the ‘achievement’ that his Saturn requires.

The re-invention could lie somewhere along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, because that is fundamental to the UK Chart and, now, to the Royal Family: astrologically, they are becoming closer to the country and its population. And this is a move begun by Diana. The initial refusal by the Queen to fly a flag at half-mast at Diana's death says it all.The Queen represented the distance from ordinary people, the inhumanity even, and Cancerian Diana, who had family at the centre of who she was, drew an unprecedented response from the British people.

As Ian Hislop (editor of Private Eye) has pointed out, England is losing its stiff upper lip (a consequence of the needs of Empire and fear of the mob emotions of the French Revolution) and is returning to original over-emotional character (for which it was known abroad).

And the Royal Family is being carried along in this current. It is ironic that they are known as the Royal Family, for in a way that is exactly what they are not. The Cancer-Capricorn axis sets the needs for nurture and privacy and family against the needs of the world, and from the moment they are born, the senior royals have a strong and overwhelming place in the world: they are Capricorn from the word go, and this inhibits the development of Cancer, which is the main function of early life.

And this is also part of our national character, in that the ruling classes are sent off to boarding schools aged 8, away from their families, in order to prepare them for the world. It's a tribal thing. This is premature, and interrupts their emotional development and ability to bond with other people.

The boarding school system is thriving, and there seems to be a lot more pressure on the kids to perform than there was in my day. At the same time, you look at old Etonian David Cameron, the guy is clearly into his wife and family, and plans to send his kids to state schools. So I think that also says quite a lot about how we are changing.

Cancer-Capricorn is the basic axis of Prince George's chart, showing a need for him to balance the needs of family with the needs of the world, and the square to Saturn showing that this will be a struggle, a growing point if you life, for both principles need to be honoured.

So we see this shift in the astrology of the Royal Family, beginning with Diana and running through William, Kate and George, that constitutes a re-balancing of Cancer-Capricorn, that will allow them to be much more like an ordinary family (Kate is a 'commoner'). This shift, you could say, began with Princess Anne, who is of the Uranus in Cancer generation (progressive ideas about family), and whose children do not have titles: who ever hears of Peter Phillips, her son?

Britain is still dealing with its legacy of Empire and what that did to us. That is why we still don't know quite what our place in the world is, and why to some extent we still idealise, through the boarding school system, the breaking of young children in order to produce tough guys to run the country. In many (though not all) ways that seems to be softening, we are becoming more feelingful, along with the Royal Family. I think that is why Margaret Thatcher was so loved and hated, because she was so Capricorn (Saturn Rising in Scorpio) at the expense of Cancer. The fact that she was so hated says a lot about the strength of the Cancer element within the nation. 

Prince George, with his Capricorn-Cancer axis, and the struggles he will have to go through because of the squares to Saturn, will mirror the kind of change that is slowly occurring in the country as a whole.


LotusLady9 said...

Thanks again! I always learn so much from reading your blog. Do you think the Royal Family uses astrologers to plan their public events?

Debbie Rutter said...

Talk about damning with faint praise! Poor child.

Re: LotusLady9's question about the royal family using astrology in any way whatsoever, I can almost hear the rumble of laughter from The Queen, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne at that suggestion. Charles? Possibly but still unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Great analysis. But you leave out the lovely Saturn-Nep-Mars-Jup Grand Water trine widely bisected by Pluto to form a kite. Lots of watery emotional energy there with the opposition giving him the push he'll need to make something of it.

This little boy also has Venus cnj Regulus and Neptune with Fomalhaut, both Royal stars, so little doubt he will eventually by King. And not to quibble but this:

Kate just happened to go to this obscure Scottish university that no English person ever goes to, at the same time that William did

Lots of the English upper crust sends their kids to St. Andrews, I would venture its as many English toffs as Scot. I have a young relative of mine there at the moment, and he came out of public high school in Maryland of all places :)