Monday, November 25, 2013

Astrology and Academia - is there an issue?

I've started a Facebook group, UK Professional Astrologers - basically for anyone in the UK who is competent at astrology and does readings now and then or writes about it. Part of the idea is eventually getting together in 'real life'! So if any of you fit that description and would like to join, please put in a request at the group.

Here's a post I put up there.

Quote from Scientific American in 2012: “Every softer discipline these days seems to feel inadequate unless it becomes harder, more quantifiable, more scientific, more precise.” And the title was: “Humanities aren’t a science. Stop treating them like one.

So how does academic astrology deal with this sort of pressure? Is it really there? And if it is, is it one of those things that becomes normalised, and is only visible from outside?

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