Saturday, January 04, 2014

Venus Retrograde

Venus is going backwards through Capricorn till the end of the month. It is a time for re-assessing, even re-prioritising, what is important to you in a practical way. And this includes relationships, Venus being the planet of love. It will be time to take action from 1st Feb (when she starts going forward.) At that point she will be square to Uranus, so any action may be quite sudden and unexpected (from an earlier standpoint) and may involve endings and/or new beginnings. Don't be afraid to break the usual rules you live by, or what seem to be the expectations of others.

As an inner planet, the movements of Venus do not involve major transformations in themselves, but may trigger major transformations that have been brewing for some time. Venus is also a planet of the arts and creativity, so again it is a time for re-assessing what matters most to you there. Check what Houses she is in natally and by transit to get a fuller picture.


Anonymous said...

First house Sagittarius natal and 2nd house Capricorn transiting. I think I'm in for a good month.

Meghan Bright said...

For me, born with Venus conjunct Saturn in my 11th house... I am finding what I need most during a sudden health crisis are friends that I can trust. I am learning to renovate my home myself and am restoring my prior hopes and dreams to attract something stable and long lasting. Maybe this Valentine's Day will bring some new surprise :)

horoscope said...

Can we use astrology to change the future or is the future set in stone and not able to be changed?