Wednesday, February 12, 2014

THE WEATHER: From disruptive extremes to extreme disruptions

For the last 2 months or so we have had extreme weather in the UK, the US and elsewhere. The causal reason is that the jet-stream has got stuck in one place. This happened last summer in the UK when we had a heat wave. I myself have never seen the jet stream, or the ozone hole for that matter, and I never expect to see them, but I take it on trust that these ideas have some sort of reality and explanatory power.

But what about a synchronous reason for the weather, the acausal connecting principle (as Jung called synchronicity) that gives astrology its power to explain and describe?

I thought, well what has been the same in the sky for the last 2 months? And it turns out to be an applying square between Uranus in Aries and retrograde Jupiter in Cancer.

[Nerd break: they weren’t properly in aspect until late December, but very often events start well before the aspect is ‘officially’ in orb, once the run-up begins, which in this case was as Uranus stationed in early December, 10 degrees wide of a square to Jupiter. And then the main events are usually over by the time the aspect is exact.]

Uranus and Jupiter are both sky gods. Jupiter brings extreme events, Uranus brings disruptive, unexpected events. You put the 2 together in hard aspect, and you get the weather we have been having.

When a system is in equilibrium, you see predictable cycles of events. When it has lost equilibrium, you get more unpredictable events than usual, until it reaches a new equilibrium. Uranus describes the unpredictability which to a certain extent you get anyway, it is part of life. But in Aries it is something new, coinciding with the disrupted patterns caused by global warming (something else I have to take on trust.) 

And Jupiter in Cancer describes the homes and home lives (Cancer) which are subject to these extremes (Jupiter) – and the water element (Cancer) which plays a large part, whether as flooding and rain in the UK, or ice and snow in the US. This new sort of disequilibrium (Uranus in Aries) is causing weather records to be broken (Jupiter.)

And let’s not forget Pluto, who has quietly been creating a t-square with Uranus and Jupiter all along. His effects are less obvious, Pluto is more like the deep currents under the ocean that determine what goes on at the surface. But his involvement further confirms that something really is changing.

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So when will the current extreme weather come to an end? I reckon once this phase of the Uranus-Jupiter square is over, which is on 26th February. At that point they will be in a separating, rather than an applying t-square. As I said earlier, the main events are usually over by the time the aspect is exact. So I would expect this phase of extreme weather to be over before the 26th Feb, two weeks from the time of writing.

It may be 'normal' for a month at most. On about the 24th March, Jupiter will start applying in its square to Uranus, for about a month. We may have another phase of extreme weather that kicks in shortly after this one is over, as Jupiter stations.

But this time it will be Jupiter Direct applying to Uranus Direct rather than Uranus Direct applying to Jupiter Retrograde. I don’t know what difference that would make. From disruptive extremes to extreme disruption, maybe, if you can get your head around that one. Rather than the steady freezing or flooding of the current weather, we may see one-off events such as storms, tornadoes, eartquakes and tidal waves. By mid to late April it should all be over.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Pluto is forcing us to look at our relationship to the land - how we use it and seek to impose our will on it etc. Also making it clear where the real power lies, which is not in us however much we like to kid ourselves. In time perhaps we'll come to realise that we have to work with Nature, rather than behave like an imperial power where the land's concerned. Unfortunately politicians will be the last people to acknowledge this. Humility and respect is needed - from us, that is.

matt said...

Interesting post Barry. Mythically speaking this cycle began with the St Jude's Day storm on the 28th October 2013 (whilst the last few weeks have been consistent in their battering, that day was unlike anything I can remember - it felt unnatural in the ferocity of the actual wind (as opposed to rain) - anything connected astrologically with that date by any chance??

And I also think it's a warning from 'gaia' or the like, of Nature's power & that the gods will not be subservient to her stewards careless behaviour. but that might just be my take on the signs of the times..



Anonymous said...

Hello Barry,
As always I like your analysis of the situation very much.

Next summer the square between Jupiter and Uranus will develop into a trine between Leo and Aries. What will happen then ?

An immensely hot summer with maybe more disruptions ?

And what was Neptune doing last summer ? What was his contribution to the situation as it is now ?? I feel he has to be considered also in this current situation.

I really wish things get better soon for people in the flooded areas.


Christina said...

Yes. Nice piece. Uranus: high wind. Jupiter in Cancer: big waves. Pluto: stoking the whole thing and Neptune in Pisces, surely playing a role. Could be significant that Pisces two rulers are in water signs and applying to each other, too.

I agree with Matt about mother nature.

Jennifer from Arizona said...

No, don't take Global warming AT ALL. It is the SCAM of the 21st century. Anyone who knows ACTUAL SCIENCE never believed this in the first place. Emails have been leaked which show the 'scientists' incorrect math. This is all a DOGMA about how we Americans have to be sorry for our Consuming ways and Modern life and all the good...all that leads others from other nations TO LIVE HERE, not in countries that are still in the 6th century! Seriously.
Thank you for your articles!