Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The EU's Feet of Clay and the Greek PM's Impossible Promise

Mercury is coming up to exactly oppose Pluto as Alex Tsipras tries to sell the EU deal to the Greeks by Wednesday. Mars is close by as well, and the opposition runs along the Greek Asc/Desc. What the Greeks are being asked to accept, in other words, is surrender and destruction. If they left the Euro, it would be destruction but not surrender. It is not yet clear which way it is going to go.
Wolfgang Schauble - the bad guy

Ironically Wolfgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister  and bad guy of the whole affair, was the one who wanted the Greeks out of the Euro, perhaps the only sane solution short of debt forgiveness.

Greece - 1974 Chart

Whatever emerges out of this will not be stable, as Thursday's New Moon, in the Greek 1st House, is square to Uranus (and mischief-making Eris).

The way the EU is treating Greece is shameful. They need to either forgive some of the debt, or let them go and help them along the way. Instead, a desperate country is being crushed further. And not, I think, because anyone is being wilfully cruel. 

Individual leaders have their ideals about Europe, but the collective reality seems to be that the EU is about the accumulation of wealth, and the pitiless treatment of those who aren't very good at it. And the leaders are trapped in wider political situations that ultimately come back to individual voters: how, for example, the average German feels about Greek debts - not very forgiving.

In my last piece I said that Greece would leave the Euro this week, and I may be wrong. My prediction was based on the astrology that indicated that while the Greek referendum was a creative act, there was nothing new and creative about the following weekend's discussions - ie no debt forgiveness, ergo Greece leaves. I hadn't considered the gob-stopping, desperate U turn that Tsipras is engaged in. I think Greece will leave the Euro, but it may still take the 2 crossings of Pluto over the Greek Desc in the next few months for that to happen.

The chart for the EEC has Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Taurus and Virgo Rising. It is an earth-bound chart. Moon in Taurus in the 8th: for the 'people' of this union, their motivation is shared self-interest. As Prog Pluto conjoins the prog MC over the next few years, the bullshit will be cut and the EU will be exposed for what it is, just another self-interested empire - which is to be expected.

The Greeks were desperate enough at the beginning of this year to elect a leader who made an impossible promise: to relax the austerity terms and keep Greece in the Euro. And that is what people do who are desperate: they elect someone who promises something that in their heart-of-hearts they know is not true.

Alex Tsipras

Alex Tsipras has natal Neptune opposite a Gemini Ascendant (probably). Perfect for spinning dreams that he himself probably believes. If you are going to sell the electorate a dream, you have to believe it yourself. But transiting Neptune is squaring Tsipras' Ascendant, and I think soon the bubble will burst. Leaders of this sort are turned into gods then torn down and reviled. Greece is in a worse state than when he took office, having taken the worst course of action. And there is no consistency left in the man: he had a general referendum to oppose the EU terms, got the public behind him, and now a week later is trying to sell those same terms to the country, while claiming at the same time not to believe in them. Yes, it can be hard to follow!

No wonder there is an issue of 'trust' on the part of other EU leaders, and that is apart from the general mistrust of Greek governance. With Tsipras, there seems to be nobody there to trust, but I suppose what should one expect when he was elected on the basis of an impossible promise?

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