Thursday, January 25, 2018

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump: Gemini Tricksters

Gemini more than any other sign is the trickster archetype. In public life they do and say things that upset the status quo. They keep us entertained. They appal us, we wouldn’t trust them as far as we could throw them. And sometimes it can seem like Fate is intervening, as though Geminis are a vehicle for bizarre, rule-breaking events.

With Sun conjunct Uranus (another trickster, as is Eris) and North Node in Gemini, it is Donald Trump’s destiny to upset the status quo. American politics will never be the same again. 

As a human being, I hold him in low regard. Politicians are usually in it for a reason, they are trying to do something that they see is useful, and I think it is important to try to discern this, rather than just seeing everything as acting in bad faith, which I think is a cop-out that a lot of otherwise intelligent people engage in. But Trump…. I do find it hard to see, because everything he does is so entwined with his delusory self-regard. It is as though the Fates said this system needs shaking up, and we’ll use this guy, this is what he’s good for.

In the UK we have Boris Johnson, another Gemini. His behaviour over the EU referendum was classic Gemini. He couldn’t make up his mind until the last minute whether to back the Leave or Remain campaign. In the end he led the Leave campaign, in opposition to the Prime Minister. He told a whopper about using the money we’d save to fund the NHS. Like a good Gemini, he is now well-known for this piece of exaggeration. How much of all this is just manoeuvring for power on Johnson’s part, and how much what he genuinely thinks, is hard to say. Maybe we shall never know, maybe he doesn’t know himself.

But manoeuvring for power is what he does. He has Moon in Scorpio. The Moon is often hidden, and Scorpio of course can love to manoeuvre for power.

BUT Boris Johnson has Sun in Gemini conjunct North Node and MC in Cancer. So maybe he really does want to improve the NHS. The other day he spoke out of turn, asking for more money for the Health Service. He is starting to have a history with the NHS.
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At any rate, the EU referendum has shaken up the UK, there is no doubt about that, and Gemini Boris played a part in that. As did Sun-Mercury-Venus in Gemini Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, who was a lukewarm Remainer, which isn’t how leaders are supposed to act: they are supposed to take one side and back it.

Something else Boris does is put his foot in it by speaking the truth. Which, as the country’s head diplomat, is an interesting quality. About a year ago, he said that Saudi Arabia was involved in proxy wars in the region. Everyone knows this, but no-one will say it. Furthermore, the UK was in the process of concluding a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia. So it really was NOT the thing to say. Maybe because it was Boris and he is, in a way, not taken seriously, it was smoothed over and the deal proceeded. But credit to Boris, IMO.

And then there is the British woman who has been imprisoned in Iran on charges of political subversion. She is a mother with young children back in the UK, and claims she was just in holiday. Step in Boris to help: he says that she was merely in Iran to ‘train journalists’. Of course, this set her case back, for it was used by the authorities as a means of confirming their suspicions. And Boris was widely condemned. What no-one is saying is that she probably WAS in the country for that reason, and Boris said it. Stupidly, and I won’t give him credit for that.

Uranus is starting to oppose Boris’ Moon at 0.35 Scorpio. And his Moon rules both his MC and his North Node. So I think we can expect to see continuing twists and turns in the Boris story this year, and I think they will include that manoeuvring for power that seems so obvious in him. And which he can get away with because Theresa May’s position is so weak.

I was prompted to write this piece because of a news item this morning: “Boris Johnson 'is descendant' of mummified Basel woman”  

A mummified woman was found 10 years ago in Basel, and she turns out to be Boris’ great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother. It doesn’t get more bizarre than this. It could only happen to Boris. And it is something to do with being Gemini that attracts this sort of event to him.

His ancestor died of mercury poisoning, given as a treatment for syphilis. She got syphilis because she looked after people with syphilis. Yeah, right. If Boris is anything to go by, her husband was a philanderer, and that's why she got syphilis.


elisabeth brooke said...

Boris asked for more money for the NHS because as he observed otherwise it would mean Labour winning and Corbyn in no 10. I doubt there was any altruism, it is all about him and his enormous self regard and political ambition.

Barry Goddard said...

As I said, he has North Node conjunct MC in Cancer, which would suggest to me an element of genuineness mixed in with the the motivations. But also, we don't know Boris personally, we probably don't know any of them personally, so I feel reluctant to reduce any of them to just power seeking.

nina jones said...

If my memory serves me right Tony Blair was a Gemini Rising and I think that the Lady who ran/runs Skyscript said ofhim before he actually won the election what you see will not be what you get

Kaela said...

Would you have any interest in doing a future post on the nuclear axis (Gemini-Sag) in the context of what's happening these days with Trump and North Korea? Thinking of this post from 2010:

I don't know if you've been following the recent developments in this area, but there was a disturbing event involving the last minute yanking of Victor Cha as American ambassador to SK, after he'd been formally accepted for the role by SK, reportedly because he had reservations about a first strike on NK by the US. He was also asked how he would assist in evacuating American dependents from Korea. Article here:

I'm concerned about Mars's upcoming trip through Sagittarius, which coincides with the Olympics in South Korea. It is at 8 degrees Sag on the first day, in a wide square to Neptune in Pisces.

The chart for the opening ceremony of the games (8 pm local time, Pyeongchang, SK, February 9) has 14
degrees Virgo rising, with Neptune conjunct the descendent at 13 deg 4 minutes, MC is 12 Gemini, Moon and Mars are conjunct at 8 and 10 degrees Sag and approaching conjunction with the Sag IC. Saturn is, oddly, unaspected.

I find this chart potent and not reassuring.

Do you have any thoughts?

Many thanks!