Sunday, September 25, 2022


So here's the deal. You buy my book The Medicine Wheel by Barry Goddard from Amazon, coming out this week, and leave a review (one nice word will do). In return I will give you a free astrology or tarot reading. It is win-win for you, better than Bitcoin or the Godfather could ever manage. :) PM or email me for the free reading at

Here is the moment I put finger to keyboard and began writing: 

And a couple of endorsements from published authors:
Barry has created a meditation on meaning, a most interesting discourse on the Medicine Wheel tempered with Jung and other interesting philosophers, matching and mixing and extracting clarity and knowledge. I hear Barry as I read, his voice is clear and direct, there is no bull here but challenging discussions on teachings and the real meanings behind them. I have just read his lovely piece on aging, a subject I am deeply involved in through necessity, and I feel encouraged, emboldened and enlivened. It is like that through this book, Barry weaves teachings together from Jung to Winnie the Pooh in a most encompassing and enlightening way, always grounded and useable. A really good read! I heartily recommend this book as a good addition to texts on the Medicine Wheel and the mysteries of life.
Leo Rutherford, author of The View Through the Medicine Wheel and Principles of Shamanism
The Medicine Wheel affirms Plotinus’ dictum that ‘the native motion of the soul is circular’: as we move around the Medicine Wheel’s four (or eight) directions, each of which provides a different perspective on ourselves, we approach the four-fold wholeness of the Self so beloved by C.G. Jung. A sensitive and sensible guide to our circumambulation, Barry Goddard offers us telling suggestions and practical advice on how to understand ourselves and to manage life’s waywardness. We trust him because he doesn’t lay down the law so much as let us in on his own tribulations with endearing honesty and refreshing humility. The lessons we feel he has learnt the hard way are passed on unassumingly – even chattily – until they add up almost imperceptibly to more than the sum of their parts: a kind of wise Middle Way which may owe as much to his Buddhist background as to Aristotle’s Golden Mean.
Patrick Harpur, author of The Philosopher’s Secret Fire and Daimonic Reality
PS  Patrick Harpur is one of my favourite authors.


Graham said...

Tried to order, but only kindle available, so added to 'shopping list'.

Graham said...

Not many physical books available through Amazon, one new copy available when I ordered and had to come from USA, though at least was not charged for delivery. I ordered the new copy so that Barry gets something out of it. Now I see that my Amazon copy was more expensive than getting it from Moon Books, but I'm sure it's worth it. So when I've read it, will write review, I'm a slow reader, hope there's no time limit on offer.

Barry Goddard said...

Amazon are messing up (outside the US) with keeping my book The Medicine Wheel in stock. But you can buy it at the book depository. Same deal with me applies: leave a genuine rating on Amazon after you have read it, and I will give you a free astrology or tarot reading :)