Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Mars conjoins Pluto on Wednesday, and the world holds it breath as Israel prepares its potentially terrible purge of Rafah.


There is too much correlation between the movements of the planets and human affairs to say that the planets do not cause events; but not enough correlation to state definitively that they do. As astrologers we dance along the diaphanous pathway between this world and the other, avoiding the temptations of ungrounded mysticism on the one hand, and reductionist material explanations on the other.


The series of Pluto transits I lived through in the 90s was my real qualification to be an astrologer. It wasn't any courses I had been on, or books I had read, but the hard-won Plutonian knowledge of the soul and it's transformations.


I have started making videos for Tiktok, maximum 10 mins each. Here are the tiktok links to the show so far 😊 Blogger said they were too big to upload directly


Pluto in Aquarius 

WILD GEESE  (Me reciting a Mary Oliver Poem)



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