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It is not easy having an outer planet make a hard aspect to an inner planet, as it requires us to acknowledge and integrate a dimension from outside of the ordinary personality. But it is also part of what life is about, for if we do not have such aspects natally, we will sooner or later meet them by transit. Life requires us continually to transform ourselves and to connect with dimensions outside of our immediate, perhaps narrow, interests.

We are helped in this process by the fact that the outer planets are at least part of our solar system; they are gods that we can recognise through the stories about them. They are like us as well as being ‘Other’.

But when it comes to the Galactic Centre, there is no such overlap. The GC represents the evolutionary impulse within matter-consciousness in its widest yet most direct form. It is the force within the universe that makes all forms of life feel the urge to grow and unfold. And having it aspecting a personal planet is like being directly connected to a nuclear power station, without the usual series of steam turbines, transformers etc that make its energy usable by ordinary household appliances.

So if you can work with the energy of the GC, amazing things with wide significance will be achieved – after all, it is the evolutionary energy of the whole universe that one is being plugged into, so a wider significance is inevitable. On the other hand, it is also hard not to also be driven a little bit crazy by it. I think that George W Bush is a good example. For now I want to stick to 4 degree conjunctions and oppositions, but I’m going to make an exception in the case of GWB. His nodal axis is at 20.35 Gemini-Sag, and his Galactic Centre is at 26.07 Sag.

The thing about Sagittarians is that they are prone to feel that God is speaking through them anyway, even without the Galactic Centre getting involved, so I think the GC intensifies this possibility. With Gemini (North) - Sag (South) Nodes, it is easy (South Node) to feel you are the voice of God, and the lesson (North Node) is to bring in discriminating awareness (Gemini). With the GC sitting there, the lesson is that much harder. For GWB, who has a weak Sun – in the 12th House and square to Chiron – it is very difficult for him to sustain his individuality in the face of what he feels to be God speaking through him.

Saddam Hussein was executed this morning at just before 6am (local time) in Baghdad. The ASC was at 21 Sag, straddled by Mars at 17 Sag and Pluto at 27 Sag – an appropriate signature for a violent (Mars) death (Pluto). And there is George Bush’s nodal axis running along the ASC-DESC axis of the death chart. The Galactic Centre, of course, is involved as well, sitting next to Pluto at 27 Sag – less than a day after the exact conjunction, which only occurs every 240 years. And Saddam’s death has been a direct result of George Bush’s decision, or rather his directions from God, to invade Iraq.

There is a further connection with GWB’s chart, in that both have a Mercury-Pluto conjunction just below the ASC – in Bush’s case, I have always thought that it is this that has given him his ready association with death while in office, whether as governor of Texas or President of the USA.

To give a more positive example of the Galactic Centre in a chart, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet was born on 8 June 1955, with North Node at 26.21 Sag, and GC at 26.14 Sag (he also has Mercury opposite at 28.07 Gemini). I think that a characteristic of the GC in a chart is that one’s actions are connected to the Collective and can have a profoundly progressive, evolutionary effect on a wide scale. Which Berners-Lee has achieved through his invention of the Internet.

And which Neil Armstrong achieved through being the first man on the Moon. He has Moon (of all planets!) at 25.24 Sag conjunct GC at 25.53 Sag. Note the tightness of the conjunctions in this case and in the case of Berners-Lee, and how central to our culture their achievements have been. Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, has DESC at 26.44 Sag, less than a degree off the GC at 25.53 Sag.

A few other figures with conjunctions to the GC are: Steven Spielberg (Sun 20 minutes off GC), Rupert Murdoch (Moon 1½ degrees, ASC 5½ degrees off GC), Tiger Woods (Moon 4.08 degrees, IC 2.34 degrees off GC), Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross (MC 4.13 degrees off GC), Billy Graham (Moon 3.03 degrees off GC).

Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma Bomber, had DESC within 31 minutes of the GC, as well as Moon, Uranus and Pluto more widely square the GC. He was at war with the government, and seems to have lived in a fantastical, extremist way, consistent with a personality unable to handle the extremely high voltage of the GC.

David Cameron, the leader of the UK Conservative Party, has his IC within a couple of degrees of the GC. We have yet to see what he will achieve, but being one of the 1960s Uranus-Pluto generation, and with it (widely) square to his GC, he has the capacity to creatively lead the UK through the testing times that the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square seem to portend – that is, providing he doesn’t identify himself too much with the outer planet/GC energy that is working through him. (Winston Churchill, a Conservative leader who certainly led Britain through testing times, had IC within 5 degrees of the Galactic Centre).

Prince William, 2nd in line to the British throne, has his ASC and Neptune within a degree of the GC, and his Sun opposite the GC within 3½ degrees. His Moon is more widely opposite it. So, however he turns out, he seems destined to be deeply involved in the events of his time: he won’t be just an irrelevant anachronism, another perfectly feasible outcome for a British king.

Of the people I know with close conjunctions to the Galactic Centre, I have noticed in a number of them what could technically be called a wonky connection with the bigger, wider issues of life: they are strongly connected to that dimension, but they also tend to become identified with it and make pronouncements around it that are simply wrong! One person I know of has Sun conjunct GC, and has spent the last 30 years as the leading disciple within a religious group. He’ll make pronouncements about anything, and takes what he says terribly seriously, but it’s all based around quite a skewed and limited view of human nature. Another person, with GC conjunct ASC, gets grandiose visions around what she can achieve – but then, to her credit, realises what she’s been doing when she falls flat on her face. Until the next time!

So with the GC conjunction, I think there tends to be an unusually strong energy running through people that means they can achieve a lot, for better or for worse, and that at best can profoundly advance whatever collective unfoldment humanity is going through. In a personal chart, where it is strongly aspected, I think there can also be a need to separate out, and become discerning of, what seems to be the ‘voice of God’ within oneself. Because the GC can be very destructive if it is operating unconsciously.

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Melody said...

Hi Dharmaruci,

I just stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying it immensely. I send out a weekly newsletter and will be recommending this link for good reads on the Galactic Center....and more!


leigh langtree said...

Hi - Interesting stuff, I have only just found out about the GC - since I have Mars Venus Sun and Mercury conjunct 23, 29 Sag, 2, 6 Cap in the 9th house and also moon exactly quincunx GC - it is all very fascinating to me. I find your ideas to fit with my experience - I have great problems with energy flow. I am trying to discover more of what all of this might mean to me


Viviene said...


Have been interested in the GC for some time now. I was born in May 1955 and have Nth Node 26 Sag - conjunct the GC. Also I have Mercury at 26 43 of Gemini, conjunct my Sth Node and opposite the GC.

Now that Pluto is on the GC and triggering this configuration I feel under intense pressure. Recently when Mars was conjunct my Mercury this was almost unbearable. A bit easier since Mars has moved into Cancer.

I am most curious to see what the Jupiter conjunct Pluto conjunct GC will bring for me personally. I feel this Pluto on my Nth Node GC is a fateful turning point for me, and am hoping the Jupiter transit will be for the better.


Hi Viviene, you've also currently got Neptune opposing your Moon and Pluto getting close to opposing your Mars, so there's quite a few factors going on!

CatGoddess said...

I heard about all this 20 years ago and have always been eager to understand its significance, because I have a 3rd house Moon smack-dab on the GC. If anyone can give me insight as to what this could mean...
Ive recently completely abandoned my Christian faith. I am a different person today than I was even a year ago, Ive also abandoned life-long self-destructive habits!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I too have the Galactic Center conjunct my North Node any insights would be appreciated.

enigma said...

my moon and sun are around GC within 4 and 3 i think this text is not realistic...i mean... there is so many people with this "hard" aspects and in the end we are just normal ordinary people...we dont think we are the voice of the God or whatever

best regardes

Anonymous said...

funny that many of the posters have north node conjunct GC. ME too! (maybe something that we need to figure out, intuitively need to get to the root of.)

as regards me...have a big interest in ufological concerns - maybe that fits generally with GC affairs?? - the fact that we are not the one and only civilisation in this galaxy - that there are others too!

my ufological youtube channell - (and actually did most of this during the 2007 Pluto conjuct GC timeframe...would that make sense (fit)??)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah - forgot to say - Great article!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! and thanks so much for this article. I have only just found out about the galactic centre and that it is exactly opposite my venus. My gemini sun is nearby at 25'19, so maybe not a strong factor.
You don't really mention oppositions, does that mean that these aspects have an even harder time integrating the energy of the GC?

Levi Fuentes said...


I came across your post and I found it most intriguing. I have the Ascendant 0° 13' separating the Galactic Center. I know in your article you mention you don't give more than a 4° orb by conjunction and / or opposition but I've also noticed that my Sun (18° 06' Sagittarius) also makes a wide conjunction to the Galactic Center (8° 38' applying).

The Galactic Center doesn't aspect any other planet, angle, or celestial body in my chart.

What is your take on this? Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

Accidentally I decided to find out what is going on with GC and somehow found your fascinating blog. My GC is three degrees far away from badly aspected/ afflicted Neptune at the very end of fourth house. I am an unemployed economist / housewife and my True node is in 12. House. I want so much to help people with ALS, MND and other neuromuscular disorders since I think I know what would be the protocol/ medicine for that. Isn't it insane? My wish is so strong and I am wondering is it because of that GC? I found a few people on the internet experiencing the similar way of healing and I would like sick people to know that there is a complex way to live better. It is not about meditation or praying but the combination of medicines. Some day it seems lunatic to me, some day I am overwhelmed with such idea. Could it be because of that GC on my Neptune? It is so strange that I have that strong feeling that I could heal the terminal ill people. It is so seroius and unnormal in the same time, specially that I am not a doctor ( but I have South node in 6 house). Thanks a lot for such great blog post, I enjoyed it very much!
Hug, Jo

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly... just came from an acupuncture treatment where the doctor said I have to find ways to let Chi run more smoothly: Merc. @ 23.23 Sag; ASC @ 25.56 Sag; Sun @ 28.04 Sag, in a T-Square with Uranus/Pallas/Pluto in Virgo opposing Chiron/Pisces, and I have my Chiron Return with progressed Mars sitting there, to boot, so essentially part of the config.

Projectile vomiting comes to mind! Lordy... no wonder I've been so bilious ;)

Perhaps I could tap into the GC, as a syringe/funnel for whatever needs removing? Anyone have experience working with the energy?

MutantWC said...

I've got NN conjunct GC with Saturn conjunct SN. I suppose the benefit is I have a grand trine to Saturn involving Sun/Jupiter (1st/Asc) and Uranus (8th). I do have Pluto square Saturn/SN but not GC/NN. I want to change the world, wake people and make them aware of their true potential. Finding a good way to do that, is of course the tricky part.

Michelle Christy said...

Hey Barry!

I'm Michelle. I've enjoyed your articles on the Galactic Center and on Uranus & Neptune conjunction. I have my Ascendant at 26.33' and also have Uranus, Neptune & Vesta conjunct in Capricorn. Neptune at 19.46', Uranus at 19.53', and Vesta at 17.47'.This connection forms a Yod with Chiron and the South Node in my chart. The conjunction is actually the apex of the yod. I was born on Feb 8, 1993 at 3:51AM in Winter Park Memorial Hospital, FL if you would like to look at my chart.

I am an astrologer as well, I have been since I could remember as a little girl. I also see energies and auras very strongly, as the years go on it becomes more intense. My connection to "God" or whatever one chooses to call it is very strong. I experience such a strong amount of energy every day and sometimes it becomes too much for me. I often have difficulty being around other people because of my sensitivities. The Uranus and Neptune conjunction in the millennial generation, I believe, is going to bring about a large movement throughout our lifetimes. I believe this impulse will primarily be about helping humanity, and the awakening of individuals to their True nature, sparking the impulse to help mankind from the bonds of conditioned existence. The internet, I think will be a very key part in this movement because of the accessibility. After all the internet is basically like a tangible collective consciousness, connecting individuals from across the globe.

As for the Galactic Center, I also believe that individuals with conjunctions to this amazing center, need to be activated through some form of self-study, discipleship, and/or spiritual will. The energy is too intense and people can get "Burned" by the light if they are not careful.

Anyways, have a wonderful Holiday!
Michelle Christy

Tammy Brown said...

I have MC, Neptune and South Node conjunct the GC. With Venus and Mars in Pisces conjunct the ASC squaring the MC.
Any thoughts?