Monday, December 11, 2006


In yesterday’s blog I talked about the Uranus-Neptune generation, who were born in the 1990s and who, via developments on the Internet, are already beginning to make their particular presence felt. There is another generation that will start to make its presence felt in the next few years, which is the Uranus-Pluto generation of the 1960s. Being in their 40s, they have no doubt been making an impact already, but I am thinking of the sphere of national politics, where it is hard to become prominent until you are at least in your 40s.

This conjunction was intensely political when it happened in the 1960s, with all sorts of radicalism, protests and liberalising measures occurring. So we already know something of its nature from those times, and therefore something of the flavour which this generation will bring to politics as they gain power. And the symbolism of the Conjunction itself tells a similar story: rebellion (Uranus) against power (Pluto); the empowerment (Pluto) of radical, progressive ideas (Uranus).

Between 1962 and 1968, Pluto moved from about 11 to 22 degrees of Virgo, with Uranus in conjunction with it through all of that period. Pluto has now finished making a transiting square over the last 7 years or so to that part of Virgo, empowering that generational potential (which exists in about 1/14 of the population of the West). Between 2006 and 2009, Uranus is/will be opposing those points, activating that generation in all sorts of unexpected ways. Saturn will also be conjoining those points in 2008/9, ensuring that the Uranus activation manifests itself concretely and prominently.

By way of precedent for this sort of analysis, we can look the only other outer planet conjunction of our age, which was as far back as 1891, when Neptune conjoined Pluto at 9 Gemini. Adolf Hitler was born 2 years previously, with Neptune and Pluto at 1 and 5 degrees of Gemini respectively, and making no major aspects to the rest of his chart. This meant the conjunction could operate outside of the control of his ordinary personality, making him an undiscerning channel for the zeitgeist, in his case for the German collective inferiority complex of the time (unlike e.g. J.R.R Tolkien, who had the conjunction in square to his Pisces Moon, giving him a powerful and discerning ability to engage with the mythic dimension). It was as transiting Neptune finished opposing Hitler's natal conjunction in the early 1930s that he rose to power.

So, for better or for worse, we should begin to see politicians rising to prominence over the next few years who have the 1960s Uranus-Pluto conjunction strongly in their charts. In the UK, we have one example already in the form of David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party. Born 9th Oct 1966 at 5.51am (rectified) in London, he has the Uranus-Pluto conjunction widely conjunct his ASC in Virgo, and opposite a Saturn-Chiron conjunction in Pisces. It is too early to know him well, but he quickly and unexpectedly (for a Conservative) made a stand on environmental issues.

Virgo is associated with both technology and the orderly cycles of nature. It is the advances in technology that have led to the environmental crisis – in which the cycles of nature are being disrupted – so it is a very Virgoan issue, and entirely appropriate that a politician with a prominent Uranus-Pluto conjunction in that sign should be leading the way. So I expect to see the effective addressing of the environmental crisis to be one of the radical approaches that this generation will be bringing to us, both from within and from outside of mainstream politics. No doubt they will have other radical surprises up their sleeves as well.

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Anonymous said...

I have returned to this post a number of times since you wrote it to review your comments about the Uranus-Pluto generation. As a member of this generation, born in 1965, with a very prominent Pisces-Virgo axis in my chart (t-squared by a Sagittarius Moon), I really "feel" it, particularly on the eve of the "big election" in the U.S. I believe that this election will be the tipping point in the unleashing of this generation's power and influence. Although "we" have already been felt, our true work is about to begin in earnest. Thanks for "seeing" us and documenting what we are about for other astrologers.

Anonymous said...

It is really interesting.. I am a Politician and I have same aspects in my MC Pluto Counjuncts with Uranus in Virgo also Uranus counjuncts with Jupiter as well..

I am going to election in one year when ever Brown decides to go..

Is this mean that I will be elected next election?

groovergreen said...

I also have this conjunction, and I think our generation has already brought about huge political changes. Think back to 1989, when many planets massed in Capricorn. Who were the people protesting in Tiananmen Square? Who were the people who brought down the Berlin Wall? Who mobilised the youthful forces in Timisoara and Prague? They were our Uranus-Pluto generation.

Anonymous said...

I am also from this generation with this conjunction Pluto Uranus.
For change to take place it will be from ordinary folk with awareness of their true nature and not vested interest politicians or their corporate bankster buddies.
Our planetry aspects in this sub generation in the mid 60s see through the BS and are aware of globalist agendas. The end of tyranny is a comin. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

I have this almost exact conjunction 5 degrees away from my IC. I used to think that it was exactly conjuct my IC, but I only found out recently that my birth time was 1/2 hour out. My conjuction is part of a "thor's hammer" aspect pattern with another planet in the 8th house. How this is playing out in my life is not in the political sphere but does concern issues with the abuse of authority.

Fran said...

I have uranus conjunct pluto in the 9th house and I’m getting more and more involved in politics. Not as a politician but as an activist. Sick and tired of these politicians who use the system to get rich quickly and not care for other people, animals and our planet.