Sunday, December 30, 2012

What are the Outer Planets? (1)

Below is a Youtube link to my first video blog, in which I talk about Pluto. I think I'm going to keep them to 5 mins, that seems to be the nature of the internet. Sorry about the background clutter, it won't be there next time! And I will also keep writing stuff in case anyone's wondering.



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aKuna Kumara said...

I regularly share video's on my other blogs....and it seems 5min is about all people want so that is great I will be sure to click you into my subscribers list..THANKS

Magic Dragon said...

Great idea and a job well done. Interesting, spontaneous and clear.
Love the ideas put through and the format works well for this intend and purpose.
Glad you are going to keep on writing. Two different means of communication that convey the message differently, so both are necessary.
Blessing be to all and have a Happy New Year and welcome to the New Era!

clarelhdm said...

thanks for your insights...adds to further understanding of my chart. I have Mars Gemini rising (con late Taurus asc) squ Pluto in Virgo con IC. Often it seems like I have a strangely tentative relationship to the life force...I have periods in my life when everything income, no work, no friends, no opportunities for change. Sometimes these periods can go on for will feel like I am entombed, off the grid, so to speak. Then the energy will change and I will emerge again. but with a sense of unreliability about the energy around me...Very erratic, like Gemini. It has always been like this, though I am less distressed by it now, it is like there is something tentative about my existence, I have to constantly struggle for it (this was certainly born out in my early family situation). I also have these strange recuperative powers...I can be at the absolute brink ,of physical and mental exhaustion, but then I kind of revive and find a second, and even third wind. I have my poetic theories about what it means on a metaphysical level...somehow it seems I have to will myself into existence (I certainly made that choice when I was younger), and dealing with Pluto all these years somehow seems to have embued me with this energy. Anyhow, you got me thinking more about this. cheers.