Monday, December 31, 2012

Neptune: the Primordial Imagination

Below is the link to the 2nd in a series of video blogs by yours truly on the Outer Planets. This time it's Neptune.

Happy New Year!

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Unknown said...

You are getting better at it! Very interesting comments, lots of food for thought.
As I listen to you Plato's cave myth came to mind as one of the best explanations to some of the things you were saying. Also, Heisemberg's uncertanity principle. Yes, the world as appear is that, appearances of something more that lies behind it. And we are involved in it, creating it. What a powerful image, Neptune, the God of the Sea (Water), as the power behind explantions and world view that we create! Water that symbol for astral/emotional energy, for life, as the energy behind our possibilities for creativity, imagination, explanations.... Welcome to the New Age of Aquarius. No surprise there that Water has been so strongly manifesting itself thorough floods, sonow stroms, huricanes, etc. The water bearer that shares its energy to all! How we guide it and use it is a personal choice/responsibility. What amazing times we are living. May the Neptune energies be with us to help us in the building of the New World, New Era, and our understanding of Humanity - what we are!
BLessing be,

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