Saturday, January 05, 2013

Who is Uranus?

Below is a link to a short video I've done on Uranus, completing a set of 3 on the outer planets:

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Unknown said...

Uranus, the Uranus factor in the Universe and in our lives, so very interesting. Lots of things make sense when I view them in retrospect and see the Uranus influence.
We need to be in touch and know how these three major planets operate and what they stand for as this makes the understanding of reality/symbols much clearer.
Nice series. Thanks

Seema said...

Loved this series of videos on the outer planets. I know all three have played havoc with my life in the past and I never even gave them a second thought.

Would be great to have a video or two on the impact of these planets being prominent on someone's natal chart. Something like a guide to how to deal with the energy if it is something you live with on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Latcho Drom with your travels, am excited by all the changes going on.

Pepper said...

Love these vids. Thank you!