Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where Are We Now?

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The title of David Bowie’s new single ‘Where are we now?’ got me thinking, because it seems to express the fact that the world is in the middle of a long Uranus-Pluto square: the ‘New World Order’, that symbolically began with the fall of the Berlin Wall, is going, and the next has yet to be born. Artists are typically tuned in to these wider currents, they tell us about them.

The previous age was ushered in by the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the late 80s/early 90s. Whenever there is a hard aspect between 2 outer planets, the world goes through a shift from one age to another, as is happening right now. The prolonged boom of the 90s and Noughties, with the US as the lone superpower and the West still in the ascendant politically and economically, is gradually coming to an end: on the surface we are experiencing recession and uncertainty, under the surface the plates are shifting irrevocably towards the East. That new world will, I think, start to become clearer in a couple of years or so as Uranus and Pluto complete their long series of 7 exact squares. 

And it will last until about 2039, 25 years or so, when Uranus starts to square Neptune, followed soon after by Uranus opposite Pluto: such a double aspect is unusual, and suggests that the shift that the world will go through then will be very big indeed, taking place over about 9 years.

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While I’m on the subject of the big picture, the 500 year Age we are living in is Gemini: the most defining outer planet aspect is the conjunction between Neptune and Pluto, which occurs every 500 years or so. The last such aspect was around 1892 in early Gemini. The conjunction before that, around 1400, was also in early Gemini.

What might this mean? Gemini-Sagittarius is the axis of information vs meaning. When you have a sign, its opposite is implied and usually needs to be cultivated. We have had 600 years of Gemini, and this has corresponded to the beginnings and the rise of modern science. Because of its success, the way we see the world has become increasingly defined by the findings of science. And science deals in ‘facts’. Nothing wrong with that in itself, unless it is at the expense of meaning, as has happened. Facts on their own have created a dead universe in which life is incidental, a universe whose ultimate destiny is a frozen nothingness.

So this is one meaning of the Gemini age we live in. It doesn’t have to stay that way, but for now such a world-view is strengthening rather than balancing out. Future Neptune-Pluto conjunctions will move gradually through Gemini until around 5800 AD they will move into Cancer. So this Gemini Age is still in its infancy, a period where we are experiencing both the power of Gemini and what it lacks.

Prior to 1400 we had a 2500 year Taurean Age. This was perhaps the age where, through the rise of agriculture, wealth and ownership came into their own, at the expense of the shared sense of survival that the opposite sign of Scorpio embodies. In 3800 years time we will enter a Cancerian age. It’s tempting to say we will start living in an eco-utopia, but being unbalanced humans, we will also be dealing with a lack of Capricorn. Maybe we’ll be starting over? A bit like at the end of Battlestar Galactica.

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Unknown said...

Nice post. Totaly agree with you, the XX Century fell with the Berlin wall and we are still at the birht of the XXI Century.
We can link the need to ask ourselves Where are we know? with the fact of the new Century and Era coming about. As you said: " science deals in ‘facts’. Nothing wrong with that in itself, unless it is at the expense of meaning, as has happened." So no wonder we need to ask for the meaning of what is happening. Answers won't really come from facts but from understanding the flow of things and the energies behind them. We will need to listen and talk the language of metaphor and myth to gain meaning again. This should be the goal of fact finding efforts.
At least we can go in this adventure with Bowie as background music. Not bad.

Charles [CJ] said...

“And science deals in ‘facts.’ ”

Well –– many scientific facts are made up of
assumptions repeated over and over for years until
the public believes that such assumptions are
facts. –– Especially when such assumptions are
very difficult to prove one way or the other.

When science discusses the Big Bang – they
began with mathematical descriptions starting
with Einstein general relativity[GR]; Willem de
Sitter’s 1916 rework of GR created expanding
space; Alexander Friedman’s 1923 rework of GR
made the statement that the universe sprang up
out of nothing; Abbe Georges-Henri Lemaite’s
rework of GR suggested that if it is possible that
the universe sprang out of a single quantum then
perhaps time and space started a little before then;
and Edward Milne 1932 rework of GR said that
everywhere in the universe will look the same so
that earth has no special place. All before 1935.

And still believed today, except for my assembly
of new physics discovered by NASA and the
equivalent, now posted on “you tube” as:

Dark Energy Atoms to Big Bang how the Universe Started.mp4

and the location of earth in the center
the Universe in 3d: edge to center and across

Actual facts, properly assembled, will helps understand
our place in the universe.

Anonymous said...

re: Bowie video
interesting insight about David Bowie and the social consciousness of now.
let me be completely crass right here: I didn't hear a single! i wanted to hear that soul piercing Bowie tremolo, backed by the best guitar player in town!
if I sound like i'm longing for the '80's I must plead guilty your honor......dismitio

Grace said...

Where are you? What are you going to write about next?