Saturday, January 19, 2013

Uranus-Pluto and the US Political Crisis

In 2014 Pluto will exactly oppose the US natal Sun. This transit seems to reflect a growing crisis in the ability of the US Congress to function effectively. Which way are events likely to go? I draw on the 2013 Inauguration Chart for President Obama to make a prediction.

PS These vlogs take hours to upload because they've got lots of pixels, so full screen gives quite a good picture.

Here's the direct link to youtube:

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Grace4Ayla said...

Great vlog DR! Ease up on Uranus a bit though, fella. Everytime I try to watch something interupts me!

Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy your new vlog format! Wish I could afford to bring you to Los Angeles, would love to hear you speak in person...I post links to your blog/vlog on other social media websites. Here's to hoping someone with the capital finds you!

Dharmaruci said...

I'm passing by LA anyway in May, someone has invited me for a night there, so get back to me on Dharmaruci71(at)

Magic Dragon said...

Interesting to see how world governements and opposition parties are evolving/acting. Would we in the UK have the same questions about Europe if Europe's economy was doing very well?
It seems that governments and opposition parties tend to go for selfish position when things are not as pleasant. Separation, division, conflict arises. Just as Obama and the Republican parties created over the budget in America. Shame nobody take a high road and says: Yes, things are difficult, but lets join forces and see to it that we bring change about instead of walking away and bury our heads in the sand Osterich style.

Meghan Bright said...

We don't trust our leadership because they stick us with the tax bill, they overspend, congress and the house reps live large and we're sick of cleaning up their mess. I would suggest that the tax system will cause a revolt of sorts by 2014 filing (April 15 is our final day to file taxes).

Anonymous said...

Obama was officially sworn in as president today, 1/20 at 11:55 AM. I watched it on C-Span. It always has to happen on January 20th, though the public ceremony is tomorrow because today is Sunday. Would this change your prediction since it's a different chart?

Dharmaruci said...

No, because the public ceremony, which is for 'the people' is tomorrow, so tomorrow's Moon would seem most appropriate.