Thursday, May 26, 2016

An Astrological Case for Brexit

UK Chart

The UK is divided down the middle on the subject of the EU referendum. Before I continue, I'll declare my interest: I'm moderately in favour of leaving the EU. This is because I think that the individual has more voice in small political units. Economically, I think we'll be OK either way. That said, I will now attempt to be disinterested.

This piece began with a consideration of what the basic motives of each side might be. I think there is a fear on each side. The Brexits fear loss of identity in a larger whole. The Bremains fear the unknown, the insecurity of being on our own. I'm not saying these are the only motivations, but I think they may be more dominant than we perhaps think.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis is basic to the UK chart. The Sun-IC is around 10 Capricorn, opposite the Moon-MC at 19-9 Cancer respectively. That is the basic divide in the nation, and it is exacerbated by Uranus the splitter, conjunct the ASC and square the Sun and MC-IC. So it comes naturally to us, if you like, to be divided. But Uranus makes it painful. Our best hope is that Scotland leaves and we have a new chart that is not divided (but that new chart will have its own difficulties.) Pluto is starting to oppose the UK Moon (homeland), which says to me that Scotland is likely to leave in the next 2 to 3 years.

So what is the nature of a divide along Cancer-Capricorn lines, exacerbated by Uranus? Maybe even caused by Uranus, because opposing signs don't have to be opposed, the ideal is that they complement.

Cancer emphasises the home and the security of what is known. Capricorn emphasises finding one's place in the world. The Bremains are Cancer, the Brexits are Capricorn. Usually these things can be read both ways, but I find it hard to see how Capricorn would be a natural Bremainer.

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We have Saturn in the 11th House of group involvement.This shows an initial fear, but also an ability to make a long-term contribution. BUT Saturn is square to Neptune: that is our fear of loss of identity in larger groupings. (As well as Sun-IC in Capricorn).

The UK North Node is in 7th House Aries, square to Sun, Moon and MC-IC. Now there's a package. It draws together and shows, through the Node,  how to resolve the fundamentals of the UK Chart. We need strong relations with foreign countries (7th House Node). But we need to feel we have the initiative (Aries). This is difficult in the EU, because Germany has become so dominant. Aries finds joint ventures difficult anyway, a fortiori when one partner is dominant.

This says to me that Britain is better out than in - more at ease with itself, and more able to fulfil its destiny. Honest, I only reached this conclusion through the astrology, and as I wrote it! I'm not saying that we will vote to leave - I don't think we will. But that won't stop the Tory party fighting amongst themselves while  Labour remains unelectable (though I do like Jeremy Corbyn).

Boris and Dave

The astrological reason I don't think we'll leave is that the transiting square from Pluto to David Cameron's Sun at 15.26 Libra, which is keeping him in power, will not be over for a year or two. Only then will he leave office. If we vote to leave the EU, he won't last 5 minutes. Moreover, if we leave, then Boris' star will rise. Boris' star has already risen to it's maximum height (due to Pluto opposing his MC at 13 Cancer) and he has no major outer planet transits coming up. Therefore we will remain.

Whichever way it goes, in the Progressed UK chart the Moon is in an applying conjunction with the Prog Asc in Gemini: the people (Moon) will be having their say (Gemini).

One way or another, we should be more at ease with ourselves in a couple of years, once the long series of Pluto transits to the Sun, Moon, Node and Angles is over.

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