Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brexit: a Descent to the Underworld

The newspapers are saying that Brexit will probably be triggered tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th. We don’t know what time. But Uranus will be 3 days off an exact conjunction with Eris. This signature represents the fracturing of the old western system that we are seeing, whether through Trump’s Presidency in the USA, or the rise of anti-EU and anti-globalisation forces in Europe.

Brexit Triggered
The Moon will be conjunct Jupiter in Libra, a very good time for beginning negotiations. The Sun will be in late Pisces – the last mutable sign, and a good place for bringing about an ending.

So there are favourable things in the chart, but also difficulties. Venus opposite the Moon, in its fall, and Moon in an applying square to Pluto. This suggests difficult negotiations, a struggle for power. But also the people (the Moon) reclaiming their power (Pluto): the fact is, many people felt disempowered by the EU, even though many didn’t.

UK Chart 1801
The UK is coming up to a Mars return, and Mars rules the 7th house of foreign affairs. Venus is passing through the 7th, and is soon to join the natal North Node in Aries in the 7th. So there is this combination of assertion (Mars) and diplomacy (Venus). These 2 planets are in mutual reception, they are in each others’ signs. So this makes for a great mixture: the UK achieving a favourable outcome, getting what she wants, and maintaining good relations.

And then there is the Sun in an applying square to Saturn: this is also difficult, it suggests obstacles, but it also suggests determination to achieve our goals.

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So there is a mixed picture. It is easy to see that it is going to be difficult. But there are also favourable signs.

In 6 weeks, Pluto will station almost exactly opposite the UK Moon, and then go backwards. This is the descent into the Underworld, the Night Journey. And it will happen again next year around the same time.

However many favourable signs there may be in the Brexit chart, this thing is going to be hard. It’s going to be hard in one way this year, in that we won’t really know who we will be dealing with until the autumn, when Germany, as well as France, will have had their elections. And the outcomes are likely to change the game, they will be another blow against the EU-as-is. The next 6 months will be a phoney Brexit, as we try to get on with the job, but there will be an element of play-acting, and plenty of posturing. This will be painful.

And then next year, when Pluto turns retrograde again, the negotiations will be real, and there will be bullets to be bitten, but also the seed of something new to be grasped within that darkness. Post-Brexit Britain will start to become a reality towards the autumn of next year, the shape will become clear, as Pluto turns direct. But there will still be another year of negotiations, as Saturn completes his journey over the UK Sun, Moon and Angles.

The astrology is so striking: Pluto at the end of his transits to the Sun, Moon and Angles, describing the deep and painful journey of identity that we are going through. And Saturn coming in this autumn, just as phoney Brexit ends, to describe the 2 years hard negotiation that will be needed.

It will be difficult, it really is a soul journey for the country. But we are going to do it, that seems very clear. And that painful division in the country between pro- and anti-EU, which has been there for many years, and only recently came to a head, that division will start to become a thing of the past.

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Brexit will be triggered on 29 March. Will you be looking at this chart?