Saturday, March 04, 2017

Uranus-Eris, Pluto and the re-shaping of the UK

For the first time the Unionists do not have an overall majority in Northern Ireland. Scotland is threatening another independence referendum. And the government is about to trigger Brexit. All as Uranus-Eris conjoin, squaring the UK Moon at 19 Cancer, the sense of homeland. Events that pre-figure the radical dissolution and re-shaping of the UK.

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Pluto, of course, is opposing the UK Moon, at the end of his long journey over the UK Sun and Angles. This is the deeper transformation that Uranus and Eris are currently triggering. Pluto last hard-aspected the UK Sun, Moon and Angles 40ish years ago when the UK joined the EU. So there is a symmetry.

And Pluto reaches deep, he is changing our sense of identity, as he did 40 years ago. So that touches deep, primordial, even survival emotions. That is why Brexit has been so huge, and why it has been so painful for so many people. It's not about rights and wrongs, facts and lies and arguments. They are all secondary. It's about identity. And if some people feel they are mainly European, and others feel they are mainly British, that is just how it is.

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