Sunday, June 04, 2017


President Giscard D’Estaing is alleged to have said of Margaret Thatcher that he did not like her, because she was not a man and not a woman. And President Mitterand said that she had the "eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe."

Politics is essentially a warrior culture and, if they are to succeed, it often seems to require women to de-humanise themselves. The same could be said of men, but it is more their kind of world, they seem to need to sacrifice less of who they are.

Theresa May is less ideologically driven than Margaret Thatcher, but there is still the feeling that one is not dealing with a complete human being. She is well known for not being interested in becoming friends with her colleagues. She has a narrow determination and ruthlessness. And there is the lipstick and leopardskin shoes. Caligula and Monroe. Is it off limits to raise the fact that she hasn’t had children?

I’ve been interested by her retrograde Mars in Pisces. On the face of it, it seems about the least effective placement for Mars. And that seems to be reflected in the election campaign she has run. She has stumbled, whereas Corbyn has shone.

And then I thought that Pisces is a bit like Virgo, it needs to be in service, it needs to be told what to do, then it becomes effective. May was Home Secretary for 6 years, she had a clearly defined job to do, and she got on with it. As Prime Minister, she has also had a clearly defined job, as she sees it, which is Brexit. She thought she could make the election campaign Presidential and all about Brexit. But she is not Presidential, and people have other concerns apart from Brexit. And Theresa May, with her Mars in Pisces, is not equal to the type of leadership that requires. She is essentially an administrator who happens to have found herself as PM. Venus, the planet of popularity, also plays a part. May has Venus in square to Saturn, which is not naturally appealing. Popularity for this placement has to be earned. So she may become more popular over time, as she takes us through Brexit.

UK Chart
Saturn is about to hard aspect the Sun, Moon and Angles of the UK chart, and we are in the middle of Pluto opposing our Cancer Moon. This is a difficult time, and the security of the country is an issue. We are therefore more likely to see a conservative win in the election.

The British, however, don’t like the sense that they are being told what to do (Uranus Rising). That is one reason we voted Leave, because the government wanted us to vote Remain. And it could be the same with this election: it has been held so that the Tories can increase their majority, and the public may well turn round and say well we’re not giving you that.

Boris Johnson was leader-in-waiting for some years under David Cameron as PM. And his star was rising. He was Mayor of London for 8 years, and became cheerleader-in-chief for the Tory party. All this as Pluto hard-aspected his Sun and Angles, propelling him into power. But those transits came to an end, and I predicted that his rise was over. Now he has Saturn hard-aspecting his Sun and, over the next couple of years, his Angles. This is Boris learning some discipline – growing up a bit, if you like. As Theresa May said pointedly at her first cabinet meeting, “Politics is not a game.”

But in about 5 years, when Neptune starts to hard-aspect his Sun and Angles, Boris will have another chance, if he wishes to take it. The transits will continue for a good 10 years after that. Pluto will also square his Moon, ruler of his MC. So here is my prediction: Boris will take over from Theresa May after the 2022 election, and will eventually be PM.

But that is if he survives the next couple of years: Uranus is about to start opposing his Scorpio Moon, which rules his MC. Being Boris, there may be things he has done that we don’t know about, but which will come back and get him. He may even be being blackmailed as we speak. Or he will do something which, even for Boris, proves a step too far, and we will see a sudden fall. Boris natally has Eris opposite his Asc and square his MC. It is almost his destiny to be the trickster for the collective. Like the role he played in promoting the Leave vote, even though he wasn’t sure which side he was on – which was also his trickster Sun sign, Gemini. And then being stabbed in the back when he tried to become leader.

Boris has a role to play, and the conventional astrology says he could easily be the leader after May. But there’s this other tricksy thing with him that makes it a bit harder to predict.


Mandy Hall said...

Astrology around Corbyn and the Labour Party?

Josh Baudhuin said...

Hmm... You didn't mention that May's Mars in Pisces has been getting tickled by Neptune these past couple of years. One could suppose that Neptune has allowed people to see her Mars in any way they choose, i.e., through a Neptunian or projective lens. [I'm a siderealist, so I'd read this Mars as being in Aquarius, but the transit of Neptune manages to make your comments comport with the reality of her chart, at least to my reckoning.] Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I strongly disagree about your take on the Cancer vs Capricorn tug-and-pull in the British psyche—I think it's quite the opposite. It's the clannish, nostalgic, hearth & home Cancer side that desired to leave the EU and close off the borders in an attempt to get back to some utopic version of Little England. The practical Capricorn side is much more into the organized, economically powerful, financially complex arrangements of the EU.

Barry Goddard said...

Well you can usually argue these things both ways. But I think another point in favour of the remainers being Cancer is that so many of them were just so emotional about it when it went against them, even so-called educated rational people were going apopleptic.