Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The UK Election: it's Neptune vs Pluto

It’s a big election we have in the UK on the 8th June. It may not appear very exciting. It may appear just to be a choice between a right-wing bureaucrat (May) and an inspired but dated lefty (Corbyn).

The astrology, however, says otherwise. First of all, we are coming to the end of a period where Pluto has hard-aspected the Sun, Moon and Angles of the UK chart. The last time we had these transits was 1974-80, the period during which we joined the EU and old Labour failed – Britain became ‘the sick man of Europe’ – and the outcome was a swing to the right in the form of Thatcherism.

The present series of Pluto transits began in 2010/11, as the free-market capitalism of Thatcher failed, and the years of austerity began. Parliament has been either a coalition or small majorities – suggesting that the country itself does not know who it is anymore, as you’d expect as a major transit begins to kick in.

UK Chart 1801
We made a decisive step in terms of re-defining who we are last year when we voted to leave the EU. But even then it was a slender majority. And that re-definition is going to gather pace over the next year or two as Pluto opposes the UK Moon. It’s like we sleepwalked into the EU 40 years ago under the last Pluto transits, many of us not realising that we were committing ourselves to a political, as well as economic, union. Pluto can do that – he sneaks something in, and then you realise many years down the line that you’re not happy with it. But it wakes you up, gets you to think harder about who you are.

So by transit we are in the middle of this massive re-definition of ourselves, centering around Brexit. An issue which has, strangely enough, taken a back seat during the campaigning.


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So let’s look at the chart for the election. Specifically, the charts for the opening and closing of polls on the 8th of June. Astrologers seem to use both charts nowadays, and I’m not sure there is consensus on the different meanings of the 2 charts. So for now I’ll just use both.

Polls open 8 June 2017
And what is striking about the chart for the opening of the polls is that Neptune and Pluto are both on Angles. This is huge. It says that this election is about much more than a contest between a robot and an unelectable socialist.

During the campaign, the issues talked about have been much more around eg the Health Service, care of the elderly, education, jobs, fairness and housing than about Brexit. Brexit is there in the background, looming, but people have been much more concerned with the issues in their everyday lives.

I think that Neptune and Pluto point to 2 different themes: Neptune, typically, is socialism, it wants a fairer society. This is what Corbyn stands for, and he is doing a lot better in the polls than many people thought. He has also proved a better campaigner than the faux-Presidential Theresa May.

And then there is Pluto in Capricorn, opposite the Cancer Asc. This is the theme of Brexit and security and immigration controls. This is the conservatives.

So both these themes are pulling strongly. And because they are outer planets, it is saying that this election is in the hands of the gods. There is some kind of destiny unfolding that is beyond people’s narrow personal desires, and people will be drawn to vote for that wider thing, without even knowing they are doing it.

Brexit is saying we want control of our laws and borders (Pluto). But the popularity of Corbyn is also saying that we want a fairer society (Neptune). And there is no reason they need to be contradictory. Contrary to how it is sometimes painted, the people who voted Brexit weren’t just ignorant right wingers. In fact, the decisive, surprise vote was by people who were unemployed, left on the sidelines without prospects by the forces of globalisation. People who one would typically expect to vote Labour.

So the election chart is saying that there are these 2 great themes at work in the country. The way I imagine it will work out is that the Tories will be the next government, but with a smaller majority than they had hoped for. And that will be because people also want a fairer society, and May will have to listen to that, just as Cameron felt he had to listen to the voice of the UKIP voters after the last election, and call a referendum.

Polls Close 8 June 2017
The chart for the close of polls has Saturn and Mars running along the Asc/Desc. So this says to me that the conservatives (Saturn) will win and that the recent ‘terrorist’ attacks (Mars) will play a part, as well as the need to be effective in the Brexit negotiations (Mars/Desc).

So I think May will get a sufficient majority to carry out the Brexit negotiations successfully, without being too beholden to the right wing of her party, who want a ‘hard’ Brexit. At the same time, the size of the vote for a left wing Labour party will mean that she has to listen to that also.


Anonymous said...

I canvassed during the referendum. 90% of the people I spoke to had no idea what the EU did, or did not do.

Unknown said...

Very interesting analysis Barry, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think the media as usual has played one upon the other for headline grabbing. Fake news or what !! More like they run/rule the country to their agenda and stuff the rest of us.

markcusp said...

Another upset! Maybe you should have factored in the Saturn Rx and the the all pervasive Neptune atmosphere these day into your calculus on this one.
Always enjoy your thoughts Barry!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis Barry very few of us would have dared to believe that Corbyn would be so successful and that's he'd galvanise the youth vote to get off their collective backsides and vote. But now we have the pact with DUP. Interesting times.

weaver said...

great work!