Wednesday, March 18, 2020


My personal opinon is that we need to get this Coronavirus done ASAP. There is a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn at present, applying for the next 2 days, so the government (Capricorn) is putting up a big (Jupiter) fight (Mars). With any luck, events will overtake their strategy over the next 2 weeks as Mercury (transmission) approaches a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces (pandemic). Life is for the living, life and death between them are a part of a much bigger dream. Remember the suffering caused by austerity, we can now learn from that (as Saturn starts to leave Capricorn) and not enact something far worse. 

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Some people think I am being callous when I say these things, but I am not. Choices have to be made, and more deaths than there might have been - mostly on the part of people in poor health - needs to be weighed against a disastrous breakdown at a basic level, which is what we are facing. Pluto in Capricorn stuff. I've already been called things for saying this, and have blocked one friend as a result. People think you are being uncaring when you say these things, and that is not true.

This complex civilisation we have created, that makes us feel so powerful: it is fragile, it is a bubble on the surface of mother earth. We are being shown this.


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floralia said...

I absolutely disagree and not because of the trolley problem you have suggested, but because I think this lifestyle shift has been a primarily positive thing and so many of the changes are things i dreamed of but never thought possible. It is however unfortunate the situation. But! The environment is healing some very minor wounds (in comparison to its damage), people are being forced to slow down and focus on their loved ones, police have serious slowed down (rhey need to shut down) and where in at They quietly released like 80% of the ppl in jail , businesses are failing .. this would all be a dream if people dying and getting sick wasn’t a part of it