Thursday, March 26, 2020


It seems to me that the Coronavirus strategy is primarily focused around protecting old people. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, this makes sense. In an age that idolises youth - where the older vote in the referendum was dismissed as a denial of the future for young people, and where older women become 'invisible' - maybe old people are now seen as having more value? The US Presidential election is being fought between men in their 70s.


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I reckon there are 2 things going on around the Coronavirus: there are the governmental responses, as described by Mars' Capricornian (government) passage across Jupiter, Pluto and, in a week's time, Saturn. This will complete the lockdown, and may well include a military element (Mars-Saturn): soldiers on the streets. And that may be because of the rebellious element of Aquarius, the sign that Mars and Saturn are moving into.

And then there is the spread of the virus, which is described by Mercury in its journey through Pisces to meet Neptune, also in about a week's time. So that is the time to watch out for. These 2 planets in Pisces are hard to control, and indeed they do not aspect the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn stellium, suggesting that the lockdown may not ultimately have much effect. The virus will do what it does, and the conjunction in a week will empower it to spread.
In early May, Saturn (the lockdown) will start to go retrograde. So it will be around then that governments will start to reconsider the measures. However, to some degree or other the lockdown seems likely to last until Saturn goes Direct in late September.

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Anonymous said...

Your take on Mercury-Neptune is interesting. I've always thought of Mercury's transits as very fleeting, esp when moving full force forward at full speed,as opposed to the greater power it has when moving through one of it's retrograde periods. It's usually more of a 'trigger' than anything, along with the moon.

I see Jupiter as key, with its power to expand and magnify what it touches. It will conjoin Pluto around April 3rd/4th then move on, coinciding with what I hopefully believe with be the main infection wave crest, and beginning of slow abatement...problem is, Jup slows down considerably then to ready its retrograde in mid-May, moving back to hit Pluto again in June (another crest point?), moving away (abatement?), to turn back around in autumn and make a final Pluto pass in early November. Will we see a final end then?