Friday, February 16, 2007


In previous posts I have argued a case for both the Gemini Rising and the 2nd July Scorpio Rising charts for the USA. What would I get, I thought, if I tried some astrocartography?

I put up the Sibly Chart – the one most commonly used for the USA – and there was Pluto on the MC going right through Baghdad! And then down past Mogadishu, scene of the 'Black Hawk Down' episode.

As far as I understand it, astrocartography works by plotting where on the earth all the planets were on the Angles, and therefore most active, at the moment you were born. For example, though you might not have Venus overhead (on the MC) in your chart, there would be a whole line of places on the earth where Venus would have been overhead at the moment you were born. These might be good places for you to get married!

Similarly, the places where you have Pluto on the MC are where you are likely to very publicly meet your nemesis, as is happening to the US in Baghdad.

With Pluto on the MC running not just close to Baghdad but virtually through it, I think that the Sibly Chart has to be included as one of America’s charts, at least one that describes its foreign policy. The Sibly chart is for the moment America declared its independence to the world, so this fits.

That said, the 2 July Scorpio Rising chart has Chiron on the ASC, Saturn on the DESC and Sun on the IC all crossing each other within 40-50 miles of Baghdad, which is another very good hit. So we have to include this chart as well. Chiron and Saturn describe what is happening now, but what about Sun on the IC? I was reading only the other day that the US has involved itself in the Middle East since the start of the 19th century, beginning with missionaries and later building schools and hospitals, well before all the oil stuff started. So there is a sense in which it has been making a home for itself in the Middle East (Sun-IC) for a long time now.

What about the Gemini Rising Chart (also for the Declaration of Independence)? That has Mars on the MC crossing Neptune on the DESC passing halfway between Baghdad and Tehran. So this chart works as well!

If we look at Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, the 2 July Chart has Mars passing fairly close by, which fits. But the other 2 charts don’t seem to work very well. The Sibly has Venus and Jupiter, and the Gemini Rising Chart has the Moon on the IC – all perhaps describing different aspects of US involvement in Vietnam?

As probably with all countries, I think there is more than one chart for the USA. It doesn’t mean that all the charts are valid, but that those that are valid are coming at the USA from different angles, and need to be used as such. For America’s ideals and how it likes to see itself, for example, the Sibly or the Gemini Rising Charts would seem to be the best ones to use. For its government, the 2nd July chart, when Congress voted itself independent of Britain, might be the best one to use.

For my other 3 blogs on the US Chart, see my postings USA: Gemini or Sag Rising?, Born on the 2nd of July? and Scorpio Nation .

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Kate said...

Hi. Just found you. Super late here and will check tomorrow. I just want to ask you about Astrocartography. I too have studied Astr. for many years and know a bit but also - dont' know quite a bit;). But I live on my Pluto line and it's rough. I find life rough period. But wanted your take on Pluto lines. Yikes. I did live ona different Pluto line when living abroad and it was sexy. But this one is just horrendous. I think - unless, maybe my whole life is horrendous. I am not looking for a raeding as I have been unemp. forever and we are number one in the US of A for unemp. but a discussion etc... thx and looking forward to checking out your blogs! Kate

Kate said...

does anyone make comments? what is the forum for?

Dharmaruci said...

Hi Kate. People tend to make comments on the most recent posts, and sometimes a bit of a discussion gets going!

I think with astrocartography it's so recent that we can still invent it as we go along, sort of.

I'd say a Pluto line is a place where you will transform, shed a skin, if you are up for the ongoing intensity and raw reality that comes with the territory.

Kate said...

Hi and thanks,

I am really not up for that constant intensity (in this way). Strange but here on E. Coast of States - Pluto on Ascendant, makes me sorta run down, depressed, under something heavy. In Istanbul with it at MC conjunct Uranus - I feel wild and free and sexy and amazing. Life is hard there too but way more exciting and not just this horrible droning on of awfulness as at this locale. Thx for your input. Kate