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Am I the only person left who still believes that 9/11 was caused by a small group of Arabs who hijacked some airliners? And that their efforts were facilitated by government incompetence in the run-up to the events, of the sort you’d find anywhere? The BBC is doing a series on conspiracy theories at the moment, beginning last night with 9/11. Some people think it ridiculous that I should take the BBC seriously on this sort of thing. But it needs pointing out that while the BBC can be craven in its dealings with the British government, it can also be independent and outspoken.

The most recent major example was its contention in 2004 that Tony Blair had “sexed up” the intelligence about Saddam’s WMD programme. In a time of war you just don’t do this, but the BBC did, and as everyone knows (except Tony Blair), they were right. The government responded with fury and set up an inquiry that was a whitewash and which pointed the finger at the BBC. The governors of the BBC rolled over and axed their 2 top people. So the BBC can be both courageous and cowardly.

What struck me watching this documentary was the tone of the people they interviewed. The people who accepted the airliner explanation of 9/11 were kind of bemusedly shrugging their shoulders: “I went to the Pentagon to help in the rescue work, and there were bits of airliner lying about.” It wasn’t a big deal, just ordinary people describing what they had seen. The conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, had a fervour about them, we were dealing here in CERTAINTIES, there was no room for doubt, and they didn’t attempt to engage seriously with evidence that cast doubt on their theories. I know which group I’d rather hang out with. Which doesn’t make them right. Just more reliable.

Belief in conspiracy theories on a wide scale seems to be more American than British, and maybe I’m just betraying my cultural limitations in my belief that a small group of Arabs brought about 9/11. But fervent believers aside, it still seems to me that a lot of intelligent Americans will treat as straightforward fact unproven theories that cast doubt on the truthfulness of authorities. Whether it’s Liz Greene’s allegedly faked PhD, or the Bush administration’s alleged conspiracy to bring about 9/11. These are not facts, they are opinions. My belief is an opinion, too.

As the guy who co-wrote The FBI Files was saying, Americans have had the experiences of Vietnam and Watergate, and this has gone deep, these events are always lurking large in the background. And Bush himself has clearly lied big-time. If you’ve been lied to and betrayed enough, it will rightly make you distrustful. But I think it’s important to come out the other side of these experiences, with a loss of naivety, yes, but with common sense intact.

Let’s look at the chart for 9/11, based on the impact of the first jet into the World Trade Centre at 8.46 am, 11th Sept 2001, New York.

If there were a secret conspiracy behind it, I would expect to see a strong 12th House, Neptune or Scorpio emphasis. What we find is an exact Mercury Rising, 4 minutes into the 12th and ruling the 12th, and Sun in the 11th, in Mercury-ruled Virgo, 46 Minutes off the 12th House Cusp. So a conspiracy is arguable.

On the other hand, Eris, the Goddess of Mischief, who uses one event to set off something much bigger – in this case, 9/11 leading to the War on Terror – Eris is at 20 Aries, square the Midheaven, and in the 7th conjunct the DESC. The 7th House is the House of Open Enemies, which Al Qaeda certainly is. Using astrocartography, the Pluto-MC line for 9/11 runs through western India and Pakistan and through eastern Afghanistan. All Bin Laden territory. The Saturn-IC line runs through here as well. And the Saturn-Pluto opposition of the time was the biggest astrological factor of all.

So the single biggest factor – Saturn-Pluto – points to Al Qaeda. Does Sun conjunct 12th House cusp suggest the US authorities were also secretly involved? Or does it suggest their powers of analysis (Sun in Virgo) had gone to sleep (12th House)? Because there was plenty of evidence in advance, if they’d put it all together. And you don't need a conspiracy for them not to do so - all you need is argy-bargy between the CIA and FBI, just like you get between the different branches of the British Armed Services.

The people who carried out the attack, the Moon, is in the 9th House of foreigners, and appropriately opposite Mars, and in late Gemini: in Arabic astrology, a favourable time to start a war. I’m thinking from the astrology that Al Qaeda was definitely involved. I don’t think US government involvement can be ruled out, though that’s not my personal belief.

The Composite Chart between George Bush and 9/11 has a 12th House stellium of Sun-Venus-Moon-Jupiter in Leo. This strongly suggests a Presidential cover-up - but we don't know whether before or after the event. Similarly, the Composite between the Defence Dept and 9/11 has 12th House Pluto, in a t-square with Saturn and Eris. Again, something murky going on, but we don't know if it was before 9/11 or after or both.

Neither the Sibly nor the 2nd July US charts have much that indicates a cover-up when composited with the 9/11 chart, suggesting that any cover-up/conspiracy mainly concerned George Bush and the Defence Dept. And Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both of whose composite charts with 9/11 are significantly Neptunian.

So I think I'd definitely go for a neo-con conspiracy after 9/11, in order to use the events to their advantage, and to cover-up a lot of what went on. But I think 9/11 itself caught them napping.

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TwelfthHarmonic said...

Cancer on the 10th cusp => President is the Moon. Moon is in Gemini in 9th - reading a story to schoolchildren. VicePresident (Cheney) is Lord 11, i.e. the Sun. Cheney is really in charge, and always has been. But he's hidden -12th- (in fact the secret enemy) away in a bunker in Washington at the time of the attacks. He has also assumed command of NORAD (the air defence body) only a few months before 9/11 (which itself was highly irregular) and was effectively in control of all defensive air movements on that day. Prior to 9/11, in 2001 alone, over 50 civil air events occurred which resulted in scrambling air defence jets to escort civil aircraft suspected of being hijacked. Yet on 9/11, for over 1hr 30mins, a sum total of 4 civil aircraft were confirmed hijacked but were not escorted or engaged by air defence. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are the co-final-dispositors of the chart. Looking at the houses they rule this is Cheney (the behind-the-scenes real power of this administration, Bush is just an imbecilic puppet), the shadow government (12th) and shill press (9th) and the secret intelligence services (elements of) and in-on-the-plans investors e.g. in AA and UA stocks, which had a rush of put options the day before! - Mercury on 1st, and 8th.
Neptune in the 4th - the people are deceived. Pluto 2 minutes from 3rd cusp - transport is totally controlled and used for destructive ends (opposite Saturn).
This job was a tremendous success as indicated by the lovely partile Mercury trine Saturn, with Mercury right on the Ascendant. However as transiting Uranus approaches the opposition to the Sun later this year, the truth may well explode...


What can I say twelfthharmonic? I can't argue with the astrology, because you're only doing what I'm doing, which is using astrology to back up what you think anyway. And you may be right.

What I would say is (1)A bit of acknowledgement of alternative interpretations and the resulting ambiguity wouldn't go amiss (2)I have learnt to be suspicious of many of the "facts" that pre-event 9/11 conspiracy theorists come out with. On analysis they appear far less certain than the theorists would have us believe.

TwelfthHarmonic said...

Yes I agree with you entirely, I am only seeing what I want to see in that chart. Ultimately it is not the astrology of the moment that makes me doubt the official story, it is the various bits and pieces that don't fit the story that, for me, point to something more sinister.

But don't get me wrong, I don't wish to force my opinions about the issue down anyone's throat :-) Of course I could be completely wrong - I don't know what really happened that day, I just can't bring myself to believe the official story when so little real investigation has been conducted. I'm just rather interested in this particular issue and how it seems to be presenting itself in such an obvious way in the public domain coincident with the current Sat-Nep opposition.

Anyway thanks for your excellent blog and the opportunity to discuss political and mundane astrology!

Cheers, 12th H


Thanks heavens! A rational conspiracy theorist! That can make things interesting. I reckon a lot of the facts that don't fit around 9/11 are the product of Chinese Whispers. They get repeated so often and so sincerely that you can take is as straightforward fact that, for example, Dick Cheney was already in his bunker before the events of 9/11 started. What I'd like to see around this sort of thing is some hard evidence. I'd be fascinated if 9/11 did turn out to be a conspiracy by the US government.

Anonymous said...

there is a huge resource on this subject with all the conspiracy theory sites and references to the official views in one place on in the subscriber area which you can join for free if you are broke
I am convinced that non Muslim people in the USA did it and was from the 1st minute I saw it on TV almost live in Oz Especially when they "found the evidence of the "plot" in the car park later complete with drivers licences etc Too much