Thursday, February 15, 2007


Next Sunday BBC2 is showing a programme about conspiracy theories. This morning they interviewed a psychologist involved in making it. His observation was that people who tend to believe in conspiracy theories often have trust issues on an interpersonal level, and this easily gets extrapolated to mistrust of governments and big institutions. Another angle raised was that when an event happens that has a huge impact – such as 9/11, or the death of Princess Diana – people often want a reason for the event of comparable magnitude. It’s not enough, despite the evidence, that Diana’s death was an accident, or that 9/11 was caused by a small group of Arabs: there have to be bigger causes, so that, for example, the British government ordered the death of Princess Diana. There are, of course, such things as real conspiracies, as they were quick to point out, examples being Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair.

All good Saturn-Neptune stuff. These 2 planets make an exact opposition in 2 weeks, so the programme is timely. Conventional, grounded reality (Saturn) versus deception, illusion, trust/mistrust (Neptune). What we don’t always know is which end of the opposition is the real one! Are we being deceived (Neptune) by the Government (Saturn), or do we need a reality-check (Saturn) on our paranoid illusions (Neptune)? Maybe we can never be 100% sure.

What I have noticed with people who tend to believe in conspiracy theories is that they really want the conspiracy to be true, and there’s no arguing with them. They think you’re just na├»ve because you haven’t woken up to what’s ‘really’ going on. It often has the flavour of religious conversion.

I like to be open-minded about these things. I’d be really fascinated if some of them were true, but I don’t NEED them to be true. I find it’s a bit of a balancing act in remaining open to these possibilities without involving myself in the crazy, paranoid minds of the David Ickes of this world.

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Melody said...

I hope this long comment is OK...I can’t resist this one….and of course being a “conspiracy theorist” I am not going to “trust” a BBC production entirely… :)

One could say my “trust” issues come from a Saturn in Scorpio retrograde in the 9th house – and I assure you up front that I am perfectly “sane”, but I have had a lot of experiences that have helped illuminate how/why my chart reflects my perceptions and thought processes. My interest in all of this originated with a comment my mom made when we were living overseas that she suspected my dad of being an undercover spy (they were missionaries and my mom could not be more Pat Robertson fundamental). I don’t know – he denies it – but it is suspicious that he was thrown into jail for an inconsequential offence after being followed for months while enrolled in Shimlan, the school set up to teach Arabic to spies. It is also a little suspicious that he traveled all over the world as a lowly missionary, often to the “hot spots”. I remember a visit in my youth to the then president of the World Bank’s house (more like castle) in Switzerland, and actually, unknown to my parents, all five of us, me and my siblings, suffered some abuse there. There is more.

What I admire about Icke is his courage and willingness to speak his truth in the face of ridicule and opposition. I can imagine how he would come off to people living in Great Britain just because he has a rough personality that needs some polishing. But his political history research is impressive and backed up by many others, so he is a good resource in that area….I’m sure you’ve read his stuff, but if not, I usually recommend Tales from the Time Loop because it is more political, less reptile!

I actually cannot resonate with the reptile angle (although I have no doubt that he believes it), but I have seen two people “shapeshift” in front of me, so I think that something is going on….they were both on the surface charming and pleasant people, and then for a second or two, the truer and more “evil” face appeared. It wasn’t scary but it was very interesting.

Unfortunately the approach many people use to get across their beliefs hints fanatical. I have always been able to reject anything that didn’t make sense to me, such as “all people who don’t accept Jesus as their Savior are damned to hell for eternity”. I was over that one at four years old, and have been thus in the position of outsider looking in ever since. But, beliefs can be different than personally researching the facts, which plenty of people also do with eloquence. I think it’s like anything….most people don’t know how to think critically and are happy to attach themselves to the latest bandwagon – so of course conspiracy stories are going to attract their fair share of consensus paranoids!

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating area in which to apply astrological insights! I am a psychiatrist, as well as being a 'hobby' astrologer for over 10 years now, and it is precisely this area of belief bordering on delusion that interests me the most. And with the current Sat/Nep opposition this issue is of course cropping up in all its incorrigibility.

Yet as a Saturn in Gemini native, I have an insatiable curiosity which I must satisfy with unusually deep research before I feel that I have mastered a subject. In the case of David Icke's theories about reptilian beings I'm afraid I am not a believer. However, 9/11 is a different matter. Despite what the establishment (as reflected in typical BBC productions) would like to think, the evidence supporting an alternative version of the events of 9/11 (one involving at least negligence on the part of the government but more probably active involvement of a small cadre of very powerful individuals within American corporate plutocracy) is overwhelming. All one needs to do is to watch TV footage of the towers collapsing and time the collapse. It is impossible for the towers to have collapsed in 13 seconds unless all the floors' supports were simultaneously or consecutively weakened (by explosives). This is simply the laws of physics!

There is so much material available on the internet to review that I can only hint at it here. In many ways, this is part of Neptune's transit through Aquarius' message - everyone must do their own research, we can no longer just accept being spoonfed the 'truth' by media institutions. Where propaganda was state-supplied and state-sponsored, it is now becoming individualised and we all have to make up our own minds having individually sorted through the material available on the internet. Governments and those in authority depend on the people being ignorant and not having inquiring minds that seek truth in true objective Aquarian fashion - but it is this which is undermining the integrity and true authority of our current leaders (Nep opp Sat in Leo).

9/11 is the seminal and core event of our current geopolitical circumstances. War will not be stopped and corrosion of government accountability and popular political involvement will not be halted until it is exposed for the heinous and treasonous crime that it is.

Paranoia (and paranoid delusions) thrives in conditions where there is pervasive secrecy and control of information dissemination. This is observable in countless examples of mentally disordered individuals. It is assisted greatly and dampened down greatly by open sharing of information, which is NOT what has been occurring in relation to so many aspects of 9/11 including the 9/11 Commission Report, which was a joke, there were so many omissions in it (e.g. the collapse of the third skyscraper at WTC 9 hours later which was not even hit by a plane!). Yet the trend amongst western governments in the last few years has been the reverse - more secrecy, more control of information, less accountability.

People eventually get sick of this and when Sat opposes Uranus next year and 2009, the shockwaves will hit. First, Sat opp Plu (the extreme of violence), then Sat opp Nep (the pervasive feeling of illusion and deception) then Sat opp Uranus (open rebellion).

I predict the focus of the changes will be August 2010, at the maximum peak of the cardinal T-square. But changes will heighten all the way until then.

The BBC is establishment all the way - essentially conservative and Saturnine - it may not always have been so and but it certainly is now. I would not be very interested or surprised in the information it disseminates. The internet is where the news is these days - and your blog (which is truly excellent!) demonstrates this perfectly...


Solly said...

Last weeks BBC production about 9/11 consisted of nothing but biases, inaccuracies and emotional manipulation. The BBC would like to make you think that people who question 9/11 are a small group of crazy, paranoid and mostly mentally ill nutters when in actual fact it is over 80 per cent of Americans. Yes that's right, a recent poll by the new your times shows that only 16% of people believe the official account of 9/11 and yet the BBC airs a documentary with 13 people who represent the official account compared with 3 people who believe 9/11 was an inside job.

One of the most blatant inaccuracies shown was the graphic animation of the WTC falling. This animation shows the ridiculous pancake theory which even NIST have had to drop. For this theory to be scientifically possible they first had to remove the outer columns which support 40% of the towers wait. Furthermore, the animation shows ten floors collapsing in 6 seconds, meaning that it would have taken about 66 seconds for it to collapse. In actual fact they collapsed in 10 to 14 seconds depending on your source.

The documentary also features family members who a 'deeply upset' about these conspiracy theories. Do one search for family members for truth and you will find tons of people who have lost their loved ones and have questions which have yet to be answered by the official story, why didn't they let any of them speak?

But please, don't believe me and don't believe the BBC- do your own research and find out what happened for yourself.


The thing is, I saw a programme a couple of years ago, before the conspiracy theories seemed quite so big, which described the serious scientific attempts to understand why the Towers collapsed like they did. I had no reason to doubt the good faith of the scientists involved, nor the understanding that they arrived at, which I found convincing.

Anonymous said...

I am into conspiracy theories and my reason is I do have a good nose for truth So altho I love astrology and have done it for years on and off my final decision comes on the feel of something The other good guide is that one about looking for who benefits from a major nasty and that often leads one to the perpetrators tho as in Agatha Christie it isn't always the obvious one

Anonymous said...

WTC 7 collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Lease holder Larry Silverstein confirmed it was imploded though his explanation of how it was imploded was wrong.
How could firefighters set up a perfect implosion in a couple hours? It can't be done. There's also no evidence there were ever any firefighters in WTC 7. Why bother with 2 small office fires?