Friday, January 17, 2020


When we stop judging ourselves, the shadow can reveal itself, and we become more whole and more at ease. And then we stop judging others, and people start to feel instinctively that they can trust us and be open with us. And then when you can stop judging politicians, particularly the ones you don't vote for.... now that seems to be the biggest ask of all, for 'spiritual' people at least as much as for anyone else. But when we can stop judging politicians, then we can start to understand how the world works, and let go of unrealistic expectations. And have half a chance of doing some decent mundane astrology. Like being able to predict election results.


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Jemma said...

Absolutely true. Most astrologers have fallen into confirmation bias when they talk about politics. Astrologers need to be above bias, otherwise, like you said, we can’t do accurate work.

Janet Kane

Anonymous said...