Sunday, January 05, 2020

What Donald Trump teaches us about Men and Women

You gotta watch Mars if you are watching Donald Trump. He has Mars Rising at 26 Leo, so it is fundamental to how he expresses himself. Combatively.

In April 2017, 3 months after his inauguration, and with Mars crossing his MC in Taurus and squaring his natal Mars, the US dropped 'the mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan. I'm sure there were good strategic reasons for the bomb, but it was also the Donald showing us what a man he is. I am more cautious these days about making character and motive assessments about politicians, because I don't know them personally. It is often so facile when people make these sorts of judgements, in ways they would not dream of doing about anyone else. But in this case I trust the astrology to tell me that there was something in it personally for Trump.

And again, I trust the astrology when I see that Mars was at the very end of Scorpio on 2nd Jan when the US took out the seniormost Iranian general. It was Scorpionic in that General Soleimani was a hugely symbolic figure for the Iranians, so the assassination struck at the heart of their power, and was designed to do so. But Mars was again square to Trump's natal Mars and conjunct his IC, so there was something personal in it for him too. Soleimani's Mars is at 26 Taurus, square to Donald's and conjunct Donald's MC. There was something personal in it for Soleimani too. He was a warrior who got killed as transiting Mars opposed his natal Mars. When else?

Trump was an extremely combative businessman before he became President. And I think it is worth remembering that the business world is essentially a warrior culture. That is where all our warriors go in peace time. Their uniform is the business suit and a tie that, heartlessly, cuts them off at the neck. OK, that might be stretching it, but we astrologers think symbolically, so why not. And when you think symbolically, you are thinking in stories, and treating them as real. And that is something we have forgotten, we think it is 'facts' that are real.


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Native American cultures recognised the tendency towards imbalance in men's warrior nature, and that is one reason they had the sweatlodges: to melt the warrior men out of their wills and their heads and their one-sided Mars' and into their hearts. What Trump needs is a sweatlodge everyday. Along with all the psychopathic CEOs. Warrior energy is necessary, and you naturally find more of it in men, and always have done. That is why most CEOs are men, and always will be. 

Anyone who thinks gender behaviour is just a social construct obviously never grew up in a farmyard like I did, where the differences are obvious. This 'just a social construct' view shows our alienation from the natural world. It is an ideology that is serving some other agenda.

So with Trump we have an opportunity to understand Mars without Venus. He has Venus on his arm in the form of Melania, who looks increasingly like a CGI. So he is in a way impressive, just like the US itself is impressive for building skyscrapers and putting a man on the moon. He is a lion who has built an empire. But it is also heartless and destructive. Trump, with his one-sided Mars, embodies the imbalance in our modern world. And the US elected such a person their President. 

I think it is important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Mars energy IS important, it IS impressive, it is natural to admire it. But it needs the Venus energy of women alongside it to ensure that all the things that Mars wants to do - and he is good at doing things - are done in the right way. That is what Venus does, and what women, I think, are often better at than men. Not all women and men, obviously. But I think as innate general characteristics it does hold true. Mars gets things done, Venus ensures they are done in the right way. Let men and women honour that in each other. Then we will have a balanced world. And let the Martian women and Venusian men also have their honoured place.

The problem with the world is NOT Mars. Mars is not 'toxic' - that view is just gender warfare. The problem is Mars without Venus.

And really we each need to find both Mars and Venus within ourselves. Gender is a provisional state, but we can't help starting out as partial beings wanting the other gender to do for us whatever we are missing. That is the main part of romance. It is not so much social conditioning as the human condition. 

But in midlife you see men encountering their Venus and women encountering their Mars. I see it all the time in astrological readings. So then the other gender can become an inspiration instead of a need. It is a huge process. And, in my opinion, it is where the transgender thing can be missing the point and missing an opportunity: the point, as Jan Morris said, is to become both, or even neither, not one or the other.


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